There’s No Denying Mariska Hargitay and Peter Hermann Have a Truly Adorable Family

Despite the fact Mariska Hargitay spends her time fighting crime on screen as detective Olivia Benson in “Law and Order: SVU,” off camera she’s raising three adorable kids with her husband, “Younger” star Peter Hermann. After getting married in 2004, the pair welcomed their first child together in 2006. Hargitay and Hermann went on to adopt a daughter and another son in 2011.

While speaking with People in March 2020, Hargitay said she loves spending time at home with her family. “Being at home, this is my happy place,” she told the outlet. “The idea of being home changes everything, and I can see it with my kids too, that idea of, ‘Oh, OK, Mama’s home, everything is fine.’ And in this house, it’s happy chaos when everyone is here.” She also called being a mom “the most important thing I’ll ever do.”

Unlike some other super-private celebrities, the couple are OK with bringing their children into the spotlight every now and again to share sweet photos of them all on social media. And who can blame them? All three are cuties!

Read through to meet the kids and get a closer look at this sweet family of five.