15 Ana de Armas Movies to Add to Your Watchlist

Ana de Armas has appeared in numerous projects since her first onscreen role in 2006. At just 18 years old, de Armas starred in the feature film “Una rosa de Francia” and gradually rose to bigger films. After moving to Los Angeles in 2014, she landed a supporting part in 2016’s “War Dogs,” but her breakout role was when she starred in “Blade Runner 2049” alongside Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford.

Since then, de Armas has starred in the acclaimed murder-mystery film “Knives Out;” Hulu’s original thriller “Deep Water” with ex Ben Affleck; and played a Bond Girl in “No Time to Die,” the final installment of the James Bond film series starring Daniel Craig.

De Armas already has plenty of acting credits under her belt, but fans are eagerly anticipating her upcoming role as the late Marilyn Monroe in Netflix’s “Blonde.” In honor of “Blonde” hitting the streamer on Sept. 28, take a look at all the other movies Armas has been in.