Celebrities Who Visit Disney Theme Parks: Photos

The love for Disney Parks is universal! Celebrities are just as obsessed with Disney World and Disneyland as anyone else — and these photos prove it.

When Hollywood’s most famous wish upon a star, they just might end up at one of Mickey Mouse’s theme parks. However, some celebs have been making trips to Cinderella’s castle long before they were well known.

“I grew up in Orange County, so I grew up going to Disneyland all the time,” Milo Ventimiglia explained during a February 2018 appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, noting that he spent an eventful 12th birthday at the park. “Growing up at Disneyland, I mean, it was one of those places that you’d go and you’d fall in love, but you’d also like go and like get in real trouble.”

Drew Barrymore experienced something most parents are familiar with when she took her daughters — Olive and Frankie, whom she shares with ex-husband Will Kopelman — to Disney World. The actress noted that her kids were on “a big puffy princess cloud” … until they weren’t.

“If you’ve ever taken your kid to Disneyland or Disney World, it all ends at some point in mayhem,” she admitted on Late Night With Seth Meyers in February 2017. “That is a legitimate picture of my daughter just losing it on the floor.” The image she showed had her little one experiencing a full-on tantrum while dressed up like a fairytale character.

The pattern repeated itself during another visit. “This is her losing it at Disneyland — because it all ends up there,” Barrymore said. “You push it enough because you’re like, ‘I’m here! Let’s skip the nap! Let’s go, go, go!’ You want to maximize it. This is how it always ends for me.”

On the other hand, some stars worry their children won’t enjoy Disney as much as they do. “We’ve gone to [Disneyland] probably a bit more than is healthy,” Ginnifer Goodwin admitted to Disney Twenty-Three in February 2016.

The Once Upon a Time alum and husband Josh Dallas’ son Oliver is set to follow in her footsteps, but the actress still has her doubts. “He cries when we take him away from the characters instead of what most toddlers do, which is cry when the characters come to them,” she elaborated. “I have a couple deep, dark fears about childbearing — like they won’t love Disneyland because I’ll oversaturate them.”

However, kids aren’t the only ones who love riding Space Mountain again and again. Ryan Gosling has admitted he’s a full-on Disney adult. The former Mouseketeer told Esquire in August 2011 that he “went through puberty in a theme park.”

While that might sound like a bad thing, the Remember the Titans actor admitted it was “grateful,” telling the magazine, “That place was a landscape to me. I had adventures every day. … Backstage at Disney World, there are stories. Mickey Mouse with his head off, drinking coffee on break. Pirates on the phone. Ghosts in line for food. It just made me see things.”

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