The Best “Midnights” Song For You, Based on Your Zodiac

On Oct. 21, Taylor Swift‘s much-anticipated 10th album, “Midnights,” finally graced our ears! Given that “Midnights” has already broken Spotify’s single-day record for streaming, it’s obvious this album is an instant megahit with Sift’s die-hard fans. Swifties are already on the hunt for hidden gems in each song as they try to figure out who or what each track is about. And avid “Midnights” listeners are already speculating as they share their riveting theories, emotional confessions, and savvy insights.

Swift’s seven additional songs from her extended album, “Midnights (3am Edition),” seem to spark an even deeper resonance within her fan base about loss and healing. It’s no surprise every melody tugs on a listener’s heartstrings. Out of all 20 tracks in total, keep reading to find out which “Midnights” song is meant for you based on your zodiac sign.