Cara Delevingne Talks Challenges of “Crying and Flying” For “Carnival Row” Season 2

Cara Delevingne and Orlando Bloom appreciate their show’s deeper meaning, but they admit that the emotion that comes along with the tough topics “Carnival Row” tackles can be difficult to navigate. In a new interview with POPSUGAR, as the series finally begins streaming its second season on Prime Video, costars Delevingne and Bloom discuss those areas that require special attention as actors.

Delevingne, who plays faerie Vignette Stonemoss, says, “This show in general, there was so much emotion, especially the adversity that they face in the show. Stuff I couldn’t imagine but in that sense . . . it felt like the social commentary and the way that they do that with fantasy reaches such a big audience, and being a vessel of that was so important to me.”

The actor elaborates, “There’s so much emotion, and so much drama, and the acting’s so heavy and dense, and then there’s also the stunts. So it’s like crying and flying at the same time.”

Bloom, who is the series’s Rycroft Philostrate, echoes Delevingne’s sentiment: “I love the social commentary aspect of the show.”

Watch the full POPSUGAR interview for more from Bloom and Delevingne about their series, how they prioritize mental wellness, their stance on social media, and more.