The “White Lotus” Theme Song Gets an Official Tiësto Remix

Image Source: HBO / Getty / John Parra

Anyone who watched “The White Lotus” season two knows that the “skip intro” button should always be ignored. The show’s unbearably catchy theme song – which builds from a delicate string section to a full-on club banger – became a viral hit as the season aired, and quickly inspired a number of remixes.

Now, the song has an official remix by none other than hitmaker Tiësto. Entitled “Renaissance,” the track hit streaming platforms on Feb. 17. However, it’s far from the first remix of the song – Candy Moore’s remix that interpolates Tanya McQuoid’s iconic “please, these gays, they’re trying to murder me” line has also gone viral – but it’s the first that HBO has approved, per CNN.

Tiësto told CNN that he was inspired to make an official remix of the song after playing it at some of his shows to great success. “Fans absolutely love it,” he told the outlet. “Every time it plays in my set you can feel the energy shift on the dance floor and everyone just goes wild. The feeling is electric. I knew the first time I played it we were onto something special!”

“The White Lotus” season two, which takes place in Sicily, came to a dramatic conclusion in December 2022, and soon netted Jennifer Coolidge a Golden Globe for best supporting actress for her performance as Tanya. Shortly after, Coolidge told POPSUGAR that while she won’t be reuniting with the season two cast for another season, she hopes that maybe they’ll all have a Sicilian reunion sometime – and we’re willing to bet that Tiësto would be down to DJ.

Listen to the Tiësto remix – as well as the original – below.

“The White Lotus” Season 2 Theme: Tiesto Remix (“Renaissance”)

“The White Lotus” Season 2 Theme: Original