Bollywood female friendships we would love to be a part of

Jai-Veeru. Munna-Circuit. Akash-Sameer-Sid. It’s simple enough to recall Bollywood films that celebrate male friendship. On the other hand, female friendships are underrepresented. Women are frequently pitted against one another when vying for the same job or other men. 
Female friendships are unquestionably unique. The Bollywood movies below reimagined female friendships rather than sexism’s depiction of women tearing each other down. They were strong, independent female characters that were shown to rely on one another for assistance, counsel, and other things. Good female friendships provide a secure environment where one may speak honestly about their issues, opinions, and feelings. Contrary to what is implied by popular culture, ladies may and do form ties that endure through every breakup, drunken nights and even pregnancy scare(s).
Here are a few films that praised the absolutely great bond between female friends.