Makeup ideas to steal from 90s Bollywood Divas

For people growing up in the ’90s, makeup trends were largely set by the Bollywood queens of the heyday. The Karismas, Kareenas, and Kajols playing the Tinas, Poojas, and Simrans all had the iconic caffè latte lipstick, poker straight hair with the middle part, terracotta orange blush, and super expressive eyebrows, all lending themselves perfectly to a slight grunge look that was popular in the international arena. India was taking its baby steps into globalisation and with women like Aishwarya Rai, and Sushmita Sen all winning at the pageants, we proved that we were able to keep up with the trends and standards of the day.
The early to mid-2000s gave way to a brighter, girlier aesthetic, and the ’90s trends slowly faded out of rotation. But as trends go, history has a way of repeating itself. Thirty years on we have come full circle with the way we do our makeup. The new set of Instagram starlets and influencers are the ones we take our beauty cues from now, but they are taking inspiration from the icons of the ’90s. Here are a few ’90s makeup looks that are perfect even for today.