Bollywood divas nail the barbiecore aesthetic

Since the first movie stills of Margot Robbie in Greta Gerwig’s Barbie were released, there has been a style shift. Barbie is this year’s unlikely muse. Barbiecore is all about looking pretty in pink, the polar opposite of the goth girl summer’s emo attitude. While playful and girly, the style is still classic. Consider bright colours and oversized silhouettes, minidresses and massive platforms, glitter and sparkle, everything you’d see on the iconic doll. Barbiecore stands for the notion that outrageous, brightly coloured, and funky fashion is not just for dolls. Barbie herself, along with Barbiecore attire, stands for female empowerment and the notion that a woman can be or do anything she chooses.

When it comes to all things pink, the ladies of B-town have also put their best foot forward, take a look: