Brooke Shields reveals she ignored a call from Blue Lagoon director after her documentary was released

Brooke Shields has revealed the director of her debut film Blue Lagoon reached out to her to make amends after her bombshell documentary was released.

The model, who starred in the 1980 coming-of-age film when she was 15, spoke at length about the impact of being sexualised at a young age during the doco, including her experience on the set of Blue Lagoon.

In the wake of the premiere of Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields, the 57-year-old told The Drew Barrymore Show that Randal Kleiser, who directed and produced the film, called her recently.

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Brooke Shields

“I saw his name on my phone and I was like, ‘What do I do?’ and I let it go to voicemail because I was like I want to see what the tone is,” Shields told host Drew Barrymore. 

“And he wants to chat, I don’t know about what. I don’t feel like bringing any of it back up again.”

Pretty Baby chronicles the sexualisation Shields experienced as a child actress and model, and in her later career.

The 57-year-old speaks out about the many controversies that have decorated her life, from her shocking debut film role as an 11-year-old, where she played a child sex worker, to her numerous sexualised photoshoots as a child and teen.

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Brooke Shields in Blue Lagoon (1980).

Her role in Blue Lagoon received particular attention as it depicted her sexual relationship with another character, played by co-star Christopher Atkins.

“It was about these males needing me to be in a certain category to serve their story, and it never was about me,” Shields said about her early career during her talk show appearance. 

“It was not protective of me,” she added. “It was fun and loving at times, but I was just there, I was a pawn, I was a piece, I was a commodity.”

Despite feeling unprotected by a lot of powerful men in her life, Shields said she was lucky to work with some good people who guided her through such a tough time.

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Brooke Shields on Drew Barrymore

She told Barrymore her Pretty Baby co-star Keith Carradine “took good care” of her on-set.

“He looked at me and said, ‘You know, this doesn’t count as a first kiss’,” she explained, recalling their on-screen romance.

“That was gracious and protective and caring on a level that I don’t even think I knew at the time. I’d never kissed a boy before.”

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