Sharmila Tagore remembers Pamela Chopra and Yash Chopra

Sharmila Tagore met Yash Chopra and his wife Pam in 1965 when Yash directed her in Waqt. She had worked with Yash Chopra when she starred in Daag alongside Rajesh Khanna.

Recently, the actress talked about Pamela with a leading news organisation.Talking about the couple, she said, “Yash and Pam were so much in love. I remember once I was travelling back from London (I think). They were in the seats in front of me. As you know, Yash never drank. But they were sharing glasses of champagne, one each… It was such a sweet moment, toasting one another, the companionship, the mutual appreciation… He adored her and she adored him. It is very rare, particularly in our film industry for a couple to be so devoted to one another.”

Sharmila Tagore Pamela Chopra Yash Chopra

She further gives credit for her successful marriage to Yash and Pam and stated that Pamela was, of course, wonderful, but Yash was kind, considerate, loving and demonstrative of his feelings. Pam was a little reserved as she came from a non-film background but she made everyone feel comfortable.” She was always by his side, always supporting him. They were a complete couple,” she added.

Sharmila regrets not meeting the couple more often and said that she feels so for not meeting Pam recently. She said, “I remember Yash rang me up to condole for my husband Tiger when we were on the way to Pataudi after his death. And then soon after Yash suddenly and unnecessarily passed away.” Describing Yash Chopra, she said that Yash was like a sparkle of life and she remembers his generosity. She said, “I remember his generosity. I once asked him to show his film to the blind after an institute reached out to me. Yash agreed instantly.”

Sharmila remembers how devoted Pamela was to Yash. “She was like his shadow, a companion, his confidante. I cannot separate them.”

Sharmila Tagore Pamela Chopra Yash Chopra

When asked if Yash and Pam’s relationship was similar to that of Sharmila and Pataudi, to which she clarified that Pataudi was in a different profession. In contrast, Yash and Pam worked together in the same industry, with Pam also taking care of their home and raising their children. According to Sharmilaji, Pam had a very positive influence on Yash’s life and their children’s lives, allowing Yash to focus on his work while ensuring their children were brought up according to their wishes. She also made sure their sons remained grounded and not overly confident.

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