Joshua Jackson Says Wife Jodie Turner-Smith “Kind of Enjoys” His Sex Scenes

Joshua Jackson has starred in several TV shows that have involved him doing sex scenes, including his hit drama “The Affair,” which aired from 2014 to 2019. He’s stripping down again for his Paramount+ streaming series, a reworked “Fatal Attraction,” out on April 30. And though he’s settled down with wife Jodie Turner-Smith, she doesn’t mind when he has steamier moments on screen. In fact, Jackson says she often tunes in.

In an interview with Variety, published on April 27, Jackson said that “Jodie is not fussed about my sex scenes.” He explained, laughing, “The sex scenes themselves, Jodie kind of enjoys them, actually. It’s a weird thing where she’s like a voyeur. So that works! If that’s your thing – excellent.”

Jackson noted that sex scenes are, in general, technical, and he personally prefers scenes of characters falling in love. Speaking of love, the “Dawson’s Creek” alum said he’d be thrilled to share the screen with his real-life partner. He noted specifically that the pair have dreamed of doing a “Romancing the Stone” remake but that “someone else” is already filming a re-envisioned version of the 1984 adventure-romance.

The couple and parents of one, in general, seem to always stand by each other in life and work. “I think it’s really beautiful to be with someone who is so supportive and so loving,” Turner-Smith told People in 2021. “We’re so similar in so many ways. We’re like mirrors for each other. And I just really love that human being.”