“Succession” Parodies Are All Over TikTok – Watch the Best Impressions

SuccessionTok is the place to be. The episode recaps are plentiful, everyone collectively appreciates the phrase “ludicrously capacious,” no fashion detail goes unanalyzed, and, of course, there are countless fan parodies to keep you entertained. “Succession” viewers love sharing impressions of the Roy family and their inner circle, whether it be by mimicking Shiv’s exaggerated facial expressions, Roman’s distinctive voice, or Logan’s penchant for spewing f-bombs. The material is abundant, and the optics are always promising.

There are several popular creators who’ve made entire TikTok series out of imitating the Roys, including standup comedian Matthew Friend and acting duo Taylor Owen and James Neal. Plenty others have followed their leads, re-creating standout moments from the HBO series with their own spins and copying each character’s mannerisms with uncanny accuracy. Ahead of the series finale on May 28, we compiled some of the best “Succession” impressions to hit TikTok for your viewing pleasure. Watch them all ahead, and be sure to bookmark this page to revisit when you inevitably get withdrawals after the show’s conclusion.