Sadie Robertson and Christian Huff: A Timeline of Their Relationship

Meant to be. Sadie Robertson and Christian Huff fell hard and fast for one another, and they’re planning to make it work for the long haul.

“My faith is the most important thing to me, his faith is the No. 1 most important thing to him, and that’s what we talk about. That’s what gets us excited and that’s what we share a huge bond in,” the Duck Dynasty alum told Us Weekly in November 2019 while explaining why she and Huff work so well as a couple. “I think that’s what makes it extra special. We celebrate each other’s lives, and I think, for us, we truly love the other person.”

The couple — who began quietly dating in September 2018 — have often talked about their friendship and how it has helped them develop a stronger romantic relationship. “Wanted to post a picture with my best friend and give some public praise for how amazing she is and all that she does that goes unnoticed,” the Florida native wrote on Instagram in January 2020, gushing over his wife.

He continued: “Sadie, you are unlike any other and love so beautifully with no limits. … I love you more every day and am grateful for every moment with you. I will stand with you through anything and I know you’d do the same for me. Can’t imagine this life without you standing by your side cheering you on.”

Just under one year after their November 2020 wedding, Robertson announced that she and Huff were expecting their first child together. While they were thrilled with the news, the Dancing With the Stars alum confessed that they hadn’t planned to have children so soon. “I guess we shouldn’t have been that surprised, but we were super surprised and so I didn’t think I was pregnant at all,” Robertson said on a December 2020 episode of her “Whoa, That’s Good” podcast. “I was just overjoyed and I was just thanking God because Christian and I have said since we got married we kinda left it in God’s hands. We want a baby when it’s God’s time for us to have a baby.”

When their baby girl was born, the pair chose the name Honey, inspired by a Bible verse with significant meaning, Proverbs 16:24: “Gracious words are like honey, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.” Both Robertson and Huff loved its sentiment. “On our first date we went to do pottery together and on my cup I simply wrote ‘honey’ because I called [Huff] the boy with the honey words,” the Who Are You Following shared on Instagram ahead of Honey’s birth.

“Fast forward 2 and a half years later and we have a daughter on the way who we so proudly get to name after one of the loveliest words,” she added.

The couple welcomed their second child, daughter Haven, in May 2023.

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