11 Jenny Han Books to Read If You’re Craving More “XO, Kitty”

Jenny Han has done it again. Following the success of the To All the Boys movie franchise, Han has found another hit with Netflix’s “XO, Kitty.” The show, which is a spinoff of TATB, is the latest teen rom-com everyone is fawning over. The series stars Anna Cathcart as Kitty Song Covey, a junior who transfers to a high school in Seoul so she can finally be with her long-distance boyfriend, Dae (Choi Min-young). However, things don’t go according to plan when Kitty arrives in Korea and discovers that navigating love is harder than she anticipated. Since the series ended on a major cliffhanger, we’re thrilled Netflix has already renewed the show for a second season.

The show’s success is no surprise considering the TATB franchise was so huge. After all, the movie trilogy was inspired by Han’s bestselling book series of the same name. “XO, Kitty” also comes just a year after Han’s “The Summer I Turned Pretty” series got renewed for a second season on Amazon Prime Video. If you’re desperately craving another project from Han, think about reading some of her books. While TATB and The Summer I Turned Pretty may be her most famous book series, she also has another hit trilogy, Burn For Burn, which she cowrote with “The List” writer Siobhan Vivian. She also has a few children’s books under her belt that are worth checking out. Scroll through the slideshow to see them all.