Upcoming Korean Movies and Shows To Watch In July 2023: D.P Season 2 Not Others and More

The past month was rather eventful for K-dramas – the swoon-worthy King the Land dominated the romance genre while Bloodhounds kept crime and action fans on their toes. July 2023 meanwhile, is a mixed bag with new and returning shows. Girls’ Generations’ Choi Soo-young is set to star in Not Others. Meanwhile, Jung Hae-in will return for D.P. Season 2. Another series getting its second installment is Shadow Detective. Movie releases this month include the well-received Past Lives and Return to Seoul.

Here are all the upcoming Korean movies and shows to watch in July 2023:

Past Lives

Past Lives chronicles the touching story of Na Young and Hae Sung, two classmates who are separated when the former immigrated to Toronto. Twenty years later, they reunite in New York City. What unfolds is an emotional journey of love and destiny.

Release date: July 7

Return to Seoul
Return to Seoul sees 25-year-old French woman Freddie visit South Korea for the very first time in search of her biological parents. The film’s synopsis teases a surprising twist in store for her.

Release date: July 7

Shadow Detective Season 2
Detective Kim Taek-rok (Lee Sung-min) is back for Shadow Detective Season 2 and so is his blackmailer. The upcoming show will see the detective getting transferred to the Women and Juveniles Unit in the police force after the assumed disappearance of the blackmailer. However, an explosion in Geumo City kickstarts a series of chaotic events.  

Release date: July 8

Not Others

In Not Others, Girls’ Generation’s Soo-young plays 29-year-old Jin-hee, a police officer who lives with her single mother Eun-mi (Jeon Hye-jin). Their life takes a hilarious turn when they run into a doctor named Jin-hong (Ahn Jae-wook). The show is an adaptation of a webcomic titled Namnam.

Release date: July 17

Longing For You
Detective drama Longing For You follows detective Oh (Na In-woo) who is tasked with solving a murder case in the countryside. While he’s part of a special investigation, his side quest is to avenge the death of his younger brother.

Release date: July 26

D.P. Season 2

Things are about to heat up in the next season of D.P. as An Jun-ho (Jung Hae-in) and Han Ho-yeol (Koo Kyo-hwan) deal with the fallout of Suk Bang taking his own life. The show will pick up after the first season’s tragic cliffhanger.  

Release date: July 28

The Uncanny Counter Season 2
July 2023 also marks the return of a popular supernatural K-drama. In The Uncanny Counter Season 2, the Counters are still moonlighting as noodle shop workers while fighting off dangerous forces that feed on humans. The plot is based on a webcomic Amazing Rumour.

Release date: July 29

My Lovely Liar
Having the superpower of seeing through lies is a double-edged sword for Mok Sol-hee (Kim So-hyun) who has developed trust issues. Of course, she ends up meeting a murder suspect (Minhyun) who pleads not guilty to the charges.

Release date: July 31