Overcoats and detectives: A love affair

Both in terms of fashion and detective fiction, trench coats are a must have. These versatile outfits—double-breasted, with a buckled or knotted belt, and possibly a cap—have been worn repeatedly by world-weary detectives, poised private eyes, and frantic sleuths. Before switching to a Belstaff Milford Coat in the Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss series, one of the most famous fictional detectives, Sherlock Holmes, wore an Inverness overcoat—a trench-like garment. The trench coat might be a symbol of a detective’s no-nonsense demeanour, but it could simply just be a fashion statement. In the newly released Neeyat, detective Vidya Balan too dons a trench coat like her predecessors. Whether it’s the animated Carmen Sandiego or the world famous Sherlock Holmes, here are the best detective over coats: