‘House of Wax’ Cast: Chad Michael Murray, Elisha Cuthbert and More Now

One year after Saw hit theaters in 2004, House of Wax — loosely based on the 1953 horror film of the same name — gave Us more creepy torture scenes and grotesque scares than we knew what to do with. But unlike Saw, all of House of Wax’s most heart-pounding moments were aimed at an A-list roster of the hottest TV talent in the 2000s.

2005’s House of Wax starred Chad Michael Murray and Elisha Cuthbert as twins who get stranded near an abandoned wax museum during a camping trip with friends portrayed by Jared Padalecki, Paris Hilton, Robert Ri’Chard and Jon Abrahams. The teen characters quickly start to get stalked and killed off — and it all has something to do with the unsettling Trudy’s House of Wax.

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Before the film was even released, fans had a feeling that Hilton’s character was going to get killed off. (House of Wax was the socialite’s first role in a major motion picture.)

“I thought it was the coolest death scene,” Hilton told Hollywood.com at the time, reflecting on how her character, Paige, meets her demise. “It’s really awesome. I cheered! It was dope.”

Ever since the move carved its way into theaters in 2005, many of its stars have gone on to achieve even more fame and fandom. Keep scrolling to see where the cast of House of Wax is today: