‘The Parent Trap’ 1998 Cast: Where Are They Now?

More than three decades after Hayley Mills wooed fans in 1961’s The Parent Trap, Disney rebooted the classic and produced an equally as big box office hit.

The 1998 film, which starred Lindsay Lohan as identical twins, Annie James and Hallie Parker, followed the sisters after they are reunited while attending the same Camp Walden summer camp ahead of their 12th birthday.

In addition to introducing a new generation to the separated-after-birth story line, the reboot gave life to Elaine Hendrix (who played Meredith Blake) and Lisa Ann Walter’s (housekeeper Chessy) real-life friendship.

“I think it would be really fun if we were pursuing the story [of Chessy and Martin]. Because people all the time are like, ‘Why is there not a 2? Not a remake, but a Parent Trap where the Lindsay character grows up and they’re twins and they have to get Martin and Chessy back together,” Walter exclusively told Us Weekly in April 2022. “People will come up with story ideas like that. … And of course [I’d love if] somehow Meredith is involved just because I would die to do another version of working with Elaine in those roles.”

She added: “My best friend is Elaine and we kind of got hit at the 20-year reunion mark [with new fans] because of the fact that they air it so frequently and new generations find it.”

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