Yes, Peter Hermann Appeared on ‘SATC’ Before ‘AJLT’ Cameo

Peter Hermann Was In SATC Before And Just Like That Candace Bushnell Offers Solid Reasoning 376
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Peter Hermann has had not one, but two separate roles in the Sex and the City universe.

One of Hermann’s early acting roles was as a suitor of Charlotte York’s (Kristin Davis) during the sixth and final season of SATC, which was conceived by Darren Star

Fresh off her breakup from eventual husband Harry Goldenblatt (Evan Handler), Charlotte — who had converted to Judaism for Harry amid their courtship — was set up by several members of her synagogue’s ladies club. One of their prime candidates was David (played by Hermann) in the 2004 episode, “Hop, Skip, and a Week.” Charlotte eventually ended their conversation abruptly when she realized Harry was The One and their connection wouldn’t lead to anything substantial. Harry, for his part, walked into the temple moments later to win Charlotte back and he proposed. (The twosome are still married, and parents of two, in And Just Like That.)

While Hermann, 55, did not get the girl on Sex and the City, he returned to the universe 20 years later for a brief arc on And Just Like That. Hermann portrayed a love interest for Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) in the Thursday, July 13, episode when Carrie collided with Hermann’s George while walking on the sidewalk. George, a software engineer who was riding a bicycle at the time, went flying over the handlebars and shouted at Carrie for getting in his way and causing him to break his wrist. After she took him to urgent care, they enjoyed a brief flirtation before heading back to his apartment for a romantic encounter. Carrie and George’s dalliance was ultimately interrupted by a FaceTime call from his business partner, who delivered an urgent work deadline.

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While David and George do not have a connection besides an uncanny physique, Sex and the City author Candace Bushnell offered her own relatable theory.

Peter Hermann Was In SATC Before And Just Like That Candace Bushnell Offers Solid Reasoning 377
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“The fact that Carrie’s app designer boyfriend is the same guy that Charlotte was set up with at the synagogue in season 6 really speaks to the lack of eligible bachelors in New York City,” Bushnell, 64 — who penned the novels that inspired Star’s OG series — jokingly tweeted on Wednesday, July 19.

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While Star, 64, is not involved in And Just Like That Michael Patrick King took over the role of showrunner — he did cast Hermann on another TV series: Younger. The actor, who is married to Mariska Hargitay, portrayed leading man Charles Brooks on the TV Land comedy.

“I like the idea of playing someone who had this established business to run and the task ahead always seemed really clear,” Hermann exclusively told Us Weekly in April 2021 of portraying publisher Charles for seven seasons. “I think that at times in life, the task ahead is somewhat less clear, is somewhat more nebulous. So I loved being able, in a three-piece suit, to take on life in a more structured way. That always felt like a real luxury.”

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