Stream These Funny Halloween Movies If Horror and Gore Really Isn’t Your Vibe

Most Halloween-themed movies involve a lot of blood, horror, and gore, which – don’t get us wrong – can be great, but sometimes curling up with a cup of hot apple cider and a bowl of your favorite candy and popcorn mix while watching a lighthearted comedy is all you want to do on a cold and spooky fall night. Plus, it’s much easier to enjoy your favorite seasonal foods and snacks when there isn’t a slasher flick on with Freddy Krueger haunting nightmares or Ghostface menacingly monopolizing phone lines. This upcoming Halloween, stream a funny movie that’ll get you into the seasonal spirit, without making you check over your shoulder for days or stay up all night in fear.

From ’90s family fan favorites like “Hocus Pocus” and “Halloweentown” (and “Halloweentown 2” and “Halloweentown 3”) to quirky flicks like “Ghostbusters” that you’ll want to watch on repeat, this selection of fun Halloween movies will keep you entertained all 31 nights of the spookiest month, and even before then! Check out the best funny comedy Halloween movies compiled by POPSUGAR ahead, and enjoy a hilariously haunting holiday night in.

Additional reporting by Stacey Nguyen, Becky Kirsch, Lindsay Kimble, and Ryan Roschke