Tristan Thompson’s Brother Hints Kardashians Used Mom’s Death for ‘Story Line’

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DiShawn Thompson and Tristan Thompson Courtesy of Tristan Thompson/Facebook

Tristan Thompson’s younger brother Dishawn Thompson seemingly accused the Kardashians of using his mother Andrea Thompson’s death for less than admirable reasons.

“Death for a story line,” Dishawn, 28, wrote via his Instagram Stories on Thursday, July 27, according to screengrabs posted by Page Six. “Don’t believe everything you see or hear on social media 95% is a lie.”

While Dishawn didn’t elaborate further, his post came just hours after the season 3 finale of The Kardashians aired on Hulu. The episode followed Tristan, 31, and the famous family as they dealt with Andrea’s passing. (Andrea died in January at age 53 after suffering a heart attack in her Toronto home. In addition to Tristan and Dishawn, she also shared sons Daniel and Amari with husband Trevor Thompson.)

“Tristan found out that his mom had had a heart attack. It shook up his entire world. So of course we drop everything and we go to Toronto. It’s not even a question, I’ll be there,” Kim Kardashian explained on Thursday’s episode.

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Khloé Kardashian – who shares daughter True, 5, and a son, 12 months, with Tristan — added that the NBA player was leaning on her while he dealt with his mom’s estate and figured out her life insurance policy. She also agreed to let Tristan and 16-year-old Amari, who suffers from epilepsy, live with her after the athlete’s roof caved in.

“Tristan has a house that he is doing construction on and renovating. He was able to live there during renovations but we had crazy weather for California, like extreme rain. Tristan’s roof caved in on his home and caused flooding,” Khloé, 39, said during the finale. “So Tristan and [his youngest brother] Amari are staying at my house now until his home gets fixed.”

She added: “I’m grateful that I’m strong enough and brave enough to be a support system for someone else that has no other support system right now.”

Khloé and Tristan have made headlines for their on-and-off relationship since they began dating in 2016.  Following Tristan’s paternity lawsuit with Maralee Nichols — the fitness model gave birth to their son, Theo, in December 2022 — he and Khloé called it quits for good. While the duo may no longer be linked romantically, Khloé has remained in Tristan’s corner — especially as he grappled with Andrea’s passing.

“Khloé loves Tristan’s brother Amari and she has every intention of being there to help care for him every step of the way. Khloé has a heart of gold, and she feels like it’s the very least she can do after the tragic loss of their mom,” an insider exclusively told Us Weekly in February about Khloé’s bond with Tristan’s youngest sibling. “Khloé knows how tough it is losing a parent and she has such a maternal nature about her. Like she mentioned in her online tribute to Andrea, she will help look after Amari at any cost.”

On Thursday’s episode, Tristan praised Khloé and her loved ones for being there for him. “Thank you so much — especially for me and my family — I don’t know what I would do without you guys,” he told Khloé, Kim, 42, and Kylie Jenner. “You guys are so busy and have so much going on, I just hope I can continue blessing you guys with everything my mom would want for you.”

Dishawn, meanwhile, honored Andrea following her death earlier this year.

“Don’t know how to deal with this pain, I think I’ll never know how to deal with this pain-you always taught me how to be strong. You’ve taught me how to overcome and beat the odds,” he wrote via Instagram at the time. “You left us suddenly and it sucks that I can’t pick up the phone one last time to just ask you a question about what I should do. Who am I going to go to now to clear my mental? no one can ever give me the peace you did.”

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He continued: “I’m so hurt that all your grand babies won’t be able to experience the love you had prepared for them and I promise to tell them everything about you and I will always keep your spirit and soul strong with the. The way I talk, the way I express myself, my sense of humor all comes from you. The way I cook in the kitchen comes from the teaching of my queen. The way you loved your god and church is the most beautiful thing ever, and up until today it gives me faith and confidence that’s you’re still protecting me.”

Dishawn concluded his heartfelt tribute by thanking his mother for “giving me my brothers Tristan, Daniel, Amari. I couldn’t ask for better brothers. 💙.”