Jenna Bush Hager Wants Another Kid — But Her Husband ‘Put His Foot Down’

Jenna Bush Hager Would ‘Like’ Another Kid — But Her Husband Disagrees
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Jenna Bush Hager wants to expand her brood — but husband Henry Hager isn’t on the same page. 

“It’s sort of time for me to have another baby,” Jenna, 41, said on the Tuesday, August 8, episode of Today With Hoda & Jenna after sharing that her youngest son, Hal, had just recently celebrated his 4th birthday. “I’d like to have another … We’re not.” 

While Jenna said she told Henry, 45 — with whom she shares kids Mila, 10, Poppy, 7, and Hal, 4 — that she “should be having a baby right now” because of the four-year age difference between their two youngest children, her husband is set with sticking to a family of five. 

“Henry put his foot down. He says we have three healthy babies,” she continued, noting that age and previous “health stuff” were all listed as reasons to not move forward with another pregnancy. 

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Jenna didn’t specify which health struggles she was referring to, but the TV host has been candid about the ectopic pregnancy she experienced before giving birth to daughter Mila in 2013. 

“Because I had to have surgery it felt really hard,” she shared in April 2019, noting that she and Henry were “young” at the time, making the situation more difficult to handle. “I don’t know that Henry and I even knew the language of grief yet.” (The pair began dating in 2004 and tied the knot four years later.)

Jenna shared that while losing the baby was difficult at the time, she now finds a silver lining in her three little ones.  “When I look at those three kids’ faces — had that baby lived — the other three wouldn’t necessarily be mine and I always think about those little twists that felt like the hardest heartaches,” she said, before adding that daughter Mila “loves to tell people that ‘Mommy had a baby that died.’” 

TMI is something Jenna has gotten used to from her eldest daughter. In December 2022, Mila made an appearance on-air during an episode of Today With Hoda & Jenna to share some unexpected tidbits about her mom. 

“One time she was laughing in our living room and she peed her pants. And you changed your pajamas!” Mila revealed before also sharing that Jenna “never wears underwear.”

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Jenna, for her part, attempted to get her daughter off-camera, joking, “I love her so much but it’s time for her to go because she’s already dropped one truth bomb, so who knows what’s coming.”