Trending Korean movies and shows of July 2023: King The Land D.P. 2 Uncanny Counter 2 and more

July was a diverse blend of romance and thrillers to captivate our attention. Both Lee Jun-ho from 2 PM and YoonA from Girls’ Generation aced their roles, sharing heartwarming chemistry and delivering entertaining comedic moments in King The Land.

Additionally, we were reunited with our cherished team of supernatural defenders – So Moon, Do Han-na, Ga Mo-tack, and Chu Mae Ok – as they once again battled malevolent spirits in The Uncanny Counter 2. Furthermore, familiar faces graced our screens, with Jung Hae-in and Koo Kyo-hwan reprising their roles in D.P. 2 as the unconventional duo An Jun-ho and Han Ho-yul, two soldiers in the Deserter Pursuit unit.

Here are some of the most buzz-worthy movies and series which won our hearts in the month of July.

King The Land

The romantic comedy narrates the journey of Goo Won, the scion of the wealthy chaebol family that commands The King Group empire encompassing lavish hotels, distribution firms, and an airline. Amidst this opulence, Goo Won finds himself entangled in an inheritance dispute. Despite his exceptional intellect, innate elegance, and magnetic charisma, he possesses everything but a grasp of practicality in the realm of romance. Moreover, he harbours a distaste for insincere smiles.

In contrast, Cheon Sa-rang enters the scene, capable of illuminating the world with her smile alone. Landing a position at King the Land, an exclusive VVIP business lounge catering to affluent hoteliers, floods her with nostalgia for her cherished childhood recollections. However, navigating workplace biases and misunderstandings demands her to swiftly set aside those sentimental reflections and mature rapidly. As the narrative unfolds, the two characters find their emotions entwining, kindling a mutual affection.  

D.P Season 2

Continuing from the past events of season one, D.P. season 2 reveals that the situation in the military centres has become much more complicated than before, and nothing has changed. The series brings back Jung Hae-in and Koo Kyo-hwan, who bring depth and emotions to the life of Korean soldiers.

Past Lives

Past Lives recounts the poignant tale of Na Young and Hae Sung, former classmates whose paths diverged when Na Young emigrated to Toronto. After two decades, their lives intersect once more, this time in the bustling streets of New York City. What follows is an evocative odyssey through the realms of love and fate.

The Uncanny Counter 2: Counter Punch 

After the events of season one, our favourite counters – So Moon, Do Han-na, Ga Mo-tack, and Chu Mae Ok – are back with a bang. This season are group must fight against the “Level 3” evil spirits who also have killed and taken away the powers of the Chinese counters. The season also brings a new counter in the group played by the Alchemy of Souls’ star Yoo In-soo.

My Lovely Liar

Starring the Love Alarm fame Kim So-hyun and NU’EST’s Minhyun, My Lovely Liar centres around a girl who has superpowers to see through people’s lies and a murder suspect who pleads not guilty.

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