Summer House’s Hannah Berner Says Marriage Brings Her ‘Weird Calmness’

Summer House alum Hannah Berner is leaning into marriage — and not taking herself too seriously — after tying the knot last year.

“I feel like since getting married there’s been a weird calmness because life was crazy. And then we got married and we’ve been really working a lot,” Berner, 32, exclusively told Us Weekly on Tuesday, August 15, while promoting her partnership with Snapple Roadsip. “I’m very grateful that I have someone who also knows a lot about the comedy space as a comedian.”

Berner gushed about her husband, Des Bishop, calling him “really supportive” of her career and life on the road as a stand-up comedian. “Overall, I think what makes our relationship fun is the laughter. And we’re always trying to find, [like], ‘Where’s the joke? How can we take life a little less seriously?’” she said. “And as long as we’re laughing, we’re happy. So that’s my biggest advice definitely for marriage: ‘Don’t take it too seriously.’”

Summer House-s Hannah Berner Says Marriage Brings Her Weird Calmness
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The former Bravo personality, who exited Summer House in 2021 after three seasons, confessed that “dating was so stressful” before she met Bishop, 47. The couple said “I do” in May 2022.

“As a career girlie, it’s, like, nice to just know that I have this partner in crime with me,” Berner told Us, joking, “And I don’t have to exchange energies with, like, too many weirdos anymore.”

In addition to having Bishop’s support at work, Berner has strengthened her bond with BFF Paige DeSorbo since starting their “Giggly Squad” podcast in 2020. The pair, who originally costarred on Summer House, are better off as non-reality star pals, according to Berner.

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“The thing with Paige is when you’re [on] a reality show, like, tensions are high. Now [that I’m] out of the show, I feel like I’m almost like a safe space for her,” Berner explained. “Where it’s, like, nothing’s gonna be said to producers … you could talk about anything. So we’ve actually never been closer.”

Berner noted that while some of the Bravo stars’ friendships “are just for the show,” when it comes to her and DeSorbo, 30, they’re the real deal. “’Giggly Squad’ is a great way for us to kind of, like, really be ourselves. Despite whatever happens to be going on [on screen on] a cable network.”

Summer House-s Hannah Berner Says Marriage Brings Her Weird Calmness
Paige DeSorbo and Hannah Berner. Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Heineken

Berner’s relationship with DeSorbo has also grown since her friend began dating Southern Charm’s Craig Conover in 2021. “I do love Craig. I mean, he’s such a fun, sweet guy and he really gets the entertainment industry too,” Berner told Us. “So I feel like it’s great that [Paige is] with someone who, like, knows all of the ups and downs of being in entertainment.”

When it comes to DeSorbo possibly marrying Conover, 34, Berner explained “there’s no rush.” She told Us, “Your person is your person and there’s no timeline,” adding that no one “should rush into an engagement.”

DeSorbo appeared to agree with Berner during season 7 of Summer House, which aired in the spring. During an April episode, DeSorbo panicked when Conover started to talk about a proposal. However, the twosome are still dating — and, according to DeSorbo’s August Instagram photos, Conover will once again make a cameo on Summer House next season.

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Berner, meanwhile, is planning to end her summer with a bang by teaming up with Snapple to help kick off the brand’s Roadsip campaign. The Snapple Roadsip is a coast-to-coast adventure in which fans “explore Snapple’s Ridiculously Flavorful world” when the brand’s tricked out Airstream stops in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles and more.

“I’m so excited to partner with Snapple. I’m actually weirdly obsessed with Snapple [because] I’m from Brooklyn and I’ve been drinking Snapple in my veins forever,” Berner told Us of the partnership, sharing that zero-sugar peach is her favorite flavor. “Like after school you [would] get a slice and a Snapple.”

Learn more about Snapple Roadsip here.

With reporting by Christina Garibaldi