13 War Movies on Hulu That Are Full of Action and History

Hulu has no shortage of great war movies. The platform is home to so many military films depicting some of the biggest moments in history, from the last months of America’s 20-year war in Afghanistan to the tragic events leading to the Srebrenica massacre during the Bosnian War. Many of these films include characters inspired by real people who changed the course of history. For example, “Red Tails” centers on a group of Black soldiers who helped the US fight against Germany during World War II. Meanwhile, “The Monuments Men” follows the famed art historians who were responsible for taking back countless artifacts stolen by the Nazis.

Other war movies on the platform portray fictional events but are set in the middle of real-life battles. So though they include made-up storylines and characters, they can still teach viewers a thing or two about history. If you’re interested in taking a look back at the past, here are some of the best war movies on Hulu that are available to watch right now.