10 Actors Who Played Polar Opposite Roles in Different Movies

The ability to successfully transform and emulate a character can be considered true acting artistry. It’s impressive to be able to do this in multiple different productions, but being able to play opposite roles in different films is one of the best indicators of a class actor. Some very talented actors have created memorable characters that have remained in the minds of the public. Actors are the chameleons of the silver screen in the vibrant world of Bollywood, seamlessly transitioning from one role to another.Their skill to become immersed in a variety of characters is a testament to their craft and dedication. Bollywood actors have repeatedly proven their mettle by taking on two vastly different roles that showcase their range and versatility, from playing iconic lovers to complex individuals facing extraordinary challenges.

Here are 10 great actors who have played two contrasting personalities over the years, and the result screams versatility: