WATCH: Tour bus loses it after A-lister winds down ute window

Dwayne ‘The Rock‘ Johnson thrilled fans on Wednesday when he pulled up besides a tour bus in Los Angeles to say hello.

The actor, 51, was driving his pick-up truck when he spotted a bus and decided to greet fans who were doing a celebrity house tour in California.

In a video shared to his 390 million Instagram followers, he admitted he’s like a “big kid” and making a fan’s day is the “best part of fame”. 

Watch the moment in the video above

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The Rock surprises fans on a tour bus

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“How are you guys doing? Are you guys doing good?” The Rock says in the clip before posing for a picture for the fans.

“Did you guys go to my house yet?” he asked.

When they replied that they hadn’t, he joked: “OK, good, keep it that way! Have fun.”

The Rock surprises fans on a tour bus

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“That was fun, that kind of stuff is some of the best parts of fame right there, that and making their day and free s–t, getting free s–t,” he joked.

He captioned his post: “Tour bus surprises. I’m like a big kid, I get so much joy outta these “holy s–t” moments and seeing my people’s faces.”

“Not too many pick up trucks rollin’ around my hood so I think, ‘look out for the rocks pick up,’ is becoming part of these tour bus attractions.”

He added: “Happy folks. Love to see it.”

“People’s champ,” one follower commented underneath.

Another joked: “Now I understand how traffic starts.”

The Rock surprises fans on a tour bus

Four weeks ago, The Rock left the staff of a Florida gym in shock after he popped in to do a quick workout session.

The former wrestler had reportedly just been on a long-haul flight when he decided to head straight to the Equinox Luxury Fitness Club in Aventura.

The Rock apparently showed up 30 minutes before the gym closed, leaving the staff starstruck at their celebrity visitor.

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

Johnson and the two others he was with had apparently bypassed the check-in in a rush to get started on their workout.

“The front desk team was noticeably shaken by the visitors, and had to address them,” a source told Page Six.

As they approached the Black Adam star to ask him to check-in, one of the staff members was overheard saying “but he’s so big”.

Johnson apologised to the staff, explaining that he had just been on a long flight and “really had to get a good workout in”.

The staff got proof of the celebrity encounter later as Johnson posed for selfies with the team after he checked-in.