‘So sorry’: Ed Sheeran postpones his show an hour before hitting the stage

Ed Sheeran postponed his show in Las Vegas on Saturday about an hour before taking the stage at Allegiant Stadium, and now we know why.

Offering an explanation for the postponement, Sheeran shared an Instagram post this morning claiming he was not going to “risk the safety” of his fans.

“A little bit more context on the cancellation yesterday,” he captioned the post. “It was a safety issue, and we really tried to do the best we could to make the show happen but I’m not gonna risk the safety of my fans for anything.”

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Ed Sheeran

The screenshot, which featured a snippet of a Sun article, offered more details of the safety issue, noting that the singer and his team noticed a flooring problem while bringing in their gear for a soundcheck.

According to the post, two tall towers slipped overnight by about a foot after rubber tiling had become unstuck and despite efforts by engineers, the problem could not be resolved leading to Saturday’s late cancellation.

“Health and safety is paramount at gigs of all magnitude and scale – but even more so at a 65,000-seater NFL stadium,” a source told the outlet. “The issue was with the floor rather than the stage itself but Ed and his crew battled for 24 hours to salvage the show.”

The insider added: “He was obviously gutted they couldn’t make it happen but it was completely out of his hands and the right decision to protect his fans.”

Sheeran elaborated in his caption.

“I really am gutted, this was very much out of my control but I do take full responsibility for everyone that was put out from the cancellation,” he said, informing fans that refunds would be available but that the rescheduled October 28 show will be “special.”

Ed Sheeran

The Shape of You singer apologised for not letting fans know earlier, writing: “I’m sorry it wasn’t communicated sooner to the people waiting outside.”

“We really thought the show was going to happen up until the very last moment but it just couldn’t for safety reasons,” he added. “Sorry again to everyone affected, and hopefully see you in October.”

The 32-year-old who is currently on the road for his + – = ÷ x (Mathematics) Tour, initially announced that he’d be postponing the show yesterday in an Instagram post.

“I can’t believe I’m typing this but there’s been some challenges encountered during the load in of our Vegas show. It’s impossible to go forward with the show. I’m so sorry,” Sheeran announced.


Despite Sheeran aiming to avoid one safety issue for his fans, some who were queuing in the heat for hours prior to the show required medical attention.

Los Angeles and the entire Californian region more broadly has been facing sweltering heat for weeks, with officials doing everything they can to ensure the safety of residents.