The Parent Trap co-stars Lisa Ann Walter and Elaine Hendrix discover unexpected family connection

After co-starring in a movie all about finding family in unlikely places, The Parent Trap Lisa Ann Walter and Elaine Hendrixhave discovered they share a decades-old connection. 

Over two decades after they starred in the 1998 film, Walter and Hendrix have discovered their great-grandparents used to live near each other in New York City. 

The actresses met on the set of The Parent Trap, in which Walter, 60, starred as the nanny Chessy while Hendrix, 52, played Dennis Quaid’s character’s fiancee Meredith Blake. 

The former co-stars and longtime friends revealed the sweet connection on Monday, September 18 as part of the new Ancestry series, unFamiliar. 

Watch the video above.

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At the end of the episode on YouTube, the Dynasty star turned up to surprise Walter with a heartwarming reunion hug before delivering the big revelation. 

“I’m gonna start crying. Your great-grandparents lived about a block that way,” Hendrix told her friend as they sat closely on a bench, pointing to her right. 

“My great-grandparents lived about a block that way,” she then explained, pointing the other direction. 

Ancestry revealed the pair’s respective great-grandparents had lived close by on Elizabeth Street while residing in New York City. 

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Walter’s great-grandfather Franceso Mansueto had lived at number 250 while his wife Clotilda Vinetti, her great-grandmother, was at 261 on Elizabeth Street, according to the New York City Municipal Archives.

Meanwhile, Hendrix’s great-grandfather Dominick DePersio lived at number 190 on the same street in the big apple. 

The shocking news seemed to leave the Abbott Elementary star visibly shocked as she explained “shut up” in disbelief.

“So you think they knew each other?” she asked her friend. 

“Of course they knew each other!” Hendrix replied. 

Meredith Blake in the Parent TrapLisa Ann Walter as Chessy in The Parent Trap

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“It’s almost not a surprise,” Walter admitted, “why in the world would we have met and become besties in six hours?”

“It was fate,” Hendrix agreed. 

Walter shared the clip to her Instagram account, with a sweet caption to celebrate the unlikely family connection she now shares with her “BFF”. 

“#AncestryPartner I still can’t believe this! My family and I found an incredible connection to my BFF and former co-star @elaine4animals in our family history!” she wrote to social media. 

“We made so many incredible memories and discoveries together,” she added. 

“A friendship that was destined to be!” the Ancestry Instagram account commented on the adorable clip. 

Walter and Hendrix have remained close friends since they starred in The Parent Trap in the late ’90s.

Elaine Hendrix, left, and Lisa Ann Walter arrive at the 29th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday, Feb. 26, 2023. (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)

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The pair walked the SAG Awards red carpet together in February and opened up about their enthusiasm to star in a sequel to the movie.

“Oh God, yes,” Hendrix said when asked if there would be a follow up instalment, “we would absolutely do a movie together.”

Hendrix also recently shared a sweet post to celebrate her friend’s birthday last month with an adorable photo of the pair looking stunning as ever.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the one who tells me which way to swipe, my personal one-woman moving company, my security blanket, my laughing partner, my living journal and for sure the one with whom I’m growing old. I love you @lisaannwalter BFF4EVR,” she wrote to Instagram.