Would Andrew Walker Do Hallmark Film With Sabrina’s Melissa Joan Hart?

Andrew Walker might have to work his Hallmark magic to get former Sabrina the Teenage Witch costar Melissa Joan Hart to join him for a rom-com.

“Yeah, that’d be fun for sure,” Walker, 44, exclusively told Us Weekly on Tuesday, November 14, when asked about working with Hart, 47, on a Hallmark project. “Actually, we’ve become really good friends. We see each other at Christmas Con.”

The Christmas Island star, who recently teamed up with Envy Apples to promote their produce brand, told Us he’s connected with Hart over their philanthropic efforts.

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“I love her missionary stuff that she’s doing, she goes to Africa. Since I did [Hallmark’s] A Safari Romance and I was in Africa for my 40th birthday four years ago in Cape Town, Africa has just really taken my heart,” he explained. “I really want to start exploring more of Africa. … But Melissa Joan Hart has done a lot of missionary work building schools with their kids.”

Fans of Sabrina can’t forget Hart’s iconic role as the titular character, Sabrina Spellman, from 1996 to 2003. Walker didn’t appear on the series until season 7 in 2002, when he played Cole Harper, one of Sabrina’s coworkers at Scorch Magazine.

Would Andrew Walker Do Hallmark Film With Sabrina s Melissa Joan Hart
Melissa Joan Hart in ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch.’ Cover Images

Despite both actors appearing in several Hallmark movies — Walker has been in more than 25 films for the network, while Hart starred in 2016’s Broadcasting Christmas — they haven’t done a joint project for the channel.

Walker, however, does have an idea for their hypothetical movie. “Why don’t we just do a Sabrina the Teenage Witch Christmas movie?” he told The List in November 2022. “And the aunts. We got to bring the aunts back too.” He joked the film could be called It’s a Magical Christmas.

While a Sabrina holiday movie isn’t officially underway, Walker told Us on Tuesday that he is happy celebrating all the Hallmark films that are coming out this season. In fact, he teased that the Hallmark team is hosting a viewing party for his pal Erin Cahill’s December release, Christmas on Cherry Lane.

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Andrew Walker has cemented himself as one of Hallmark Media’s biggest stars after making his network debut in 2012. The Canadian actor first left his mark on viewers that year with A Bride for Christmas alongside Arielle Kebbel. The twosome reunited on camera for 2015’s Bridal Wave, which launched Walker into an even bigger name […]

“[The parties] entail all of us [being] at the same place at the same time for it to be able to work. Honestly, it’s a family, Hallmark,” Walker gushed. “People say, ‘Why do they call it a family?’ It’s not your typical network. We’re not competing over each other’s jobs.”

The Three Wise Men and a Baby actor then revealed who is the “biggest party animal” among the core Hallmark lineup — and identified himself as the culprit.

Would Andrew Walker Do Hallmark Film With Sabrina s Melissa Joan Hart
Andrew Walker in ‘Love Struck Cafe.’ Bettina Strauss/Crown Media

“It might be me. I got to call myself out on that one,” he confessed. “I’d say myself and [head of communications] Annie Howell are the two biggest party animals.”

When Walker is not hanging out with his coworkers or on set, he’s living a healthy lifestyle. His clean eating habits are helped in part by his choice to eat an Envy Apple a day.

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“I tried it for the first time, and it was one of the most delicious apples I’ve ever had,” Walker told Us of the produce brand, joking that he and wife Cassandra Troy are “kind of produce snobs in a way” because of their Little West juice company.

The Sweet Autumn star explained that shortly after he was approached to team up with Envy Apples, a close friend who is an empath said she saw his “guardian angel grandmother” who called Walker the “apple of her eye” looking down on him.

“She called me the apple of her eye and now Envy’s calling and saying I’m the apple of the [Hallmark] viewer’s eye,” Walker recalled of the moment. “And it was such a perfect combination or marriage between myself, my wife and the apple and our juice business.”

For more information on the produce brand, go to EnvyApple.com.