Katrina Kaif calls Merry Christmas as one of the most challenging films of her career

Katrina Kaif recently attended the Red Sea Film Festival in Jeddah, where she revealed that her upcoming project Merry Christmas, directed by Sriram Raghavan, is her most challenging film to date.

Katrina Kaif Merry Chirstmas Vijay Sethupathi

In a recent discussion about her upcoming movie Merry Christmas, Katrina Kaif shared that collaborating with director Sriram Raghavan had always been a dream of hers. She mentioned that this project is the most demanding one she has undertaken so far in her career. The role she plays requires a substantial emotional and artistic commitment, and Raghavan, who is renowned for pushing actors to their limits, presented her with a fulfilling challenge.

Merry Christmas is a bilingual film, filmed in Hindi and Tamil. Katrina revealed that delivering her lines in Tamil for the Tamil version brought an additional level of complexity to the filming. Each scene required two takes, one in each language, creating a challenging yet thrilling experience for the actress.

Katrina Kaif Merry Chirstmas Vijay Sethupathi

Furthermore, Katrina praised her fellow actor in the movie, Vijay Sethupathi. She thought he was extraordinary and emphasised the delight of observing him effortlessly transition between the Hindi and Tamil versions.

Merry Christmas is slated to hit the cinemas on January 12, 2024.

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