Zac Efron Jeremy Allen White and Harris Dickinson on wrestling drama The Iron Claw

In The Iron Claw, Zac Efron, Jeremy Allen White, Harris Dickinson and Stanley Simons step into the ring to portray the Von Erich brothers who made history in the world of professional wrestling in the 1980s. Their story is that of extraordinary highs and lows. Directed by Sean Durkin, the film also chronicles their personal tragedies. During a press conference attended by Filmfare, the cast and filmmaker came together to open up about the film’s making.

Zac Efron, best known for his roles in High School Musical and The Greatest Showman, admitted that he did not know much about the Von Erichs before he came on board to play Kevin Von Erich in the biopic film. He said, “I wasn’t aware of the Von Erichs before I read the script but after speaking with Sean, it seemed like that’s too much to happen to one person or one family. It didn’t feel as much like a wrestling movie as it did a really great movie about family and loss and being able to triumph over a crazy curse. It was really deep and I still can’t believe it.”

The Iron Claw

When asked how the film compares to the experience of filming The Bear, Jeremy Allen White, who continues to win acclaim for his performance on the show, said, “The intensity of the kitchen vs the intensity of professional wrestling – it seemed like it wouldn’t be competitive. That would be the obvious answer. But I find both industries to be very competitive and anxiety-ridden. I will say that I found the process of filming The Iron Claw was less anxiety-inducing for me than The Bear.” White plays Kerry Von Erich in the film. 

The Iron Claw

Triangle of Sadness star Harris Dickinson, who plays David Von Erich, opened up about going down the rabbit hole and researching for the film. He shared, “It’s really tricky because there is so much content on the brothers. There’s material to go off of and find your rhythm. But there are versions where they are in promo mode or in the ring where it’s all heightened. There aren’t enough of them just talking or at the farm or at home. We had to wonder what that might have looked like. It can get pretty obsessive. I spent a lot of time watching and listening to them. It’s a strange thing. I remember David’s nieces came up to me and said ‘You’re a British guy, how the hell did you do Dave?’ But I think it was lovely, they received it very well.”

The Iron Claw is set to release in theatres soon.