Taylor Swift Made ‘Eras’ Dictionary.com’s Vibe of the Year

Dictionary Celebrates Taylor Swift
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Like Taylor Swift, Dictionary.com is in its “Eras” era.

The website announced its inaugural Vibe of the Year award on Monday, December 18, crowning “Eras” as the official vibe (and giving Swift, 34, yet another accolade for her already impressive collection). “This year, one of the top lookups at Dictionary.com was the word vibe, the current go-to term — along with the plural vibes — for talking about the overall feel of a situation or person,” read the statement. “Which got us thinking: Is there a word that best represents the culture vibe we collectively experienced in 2023?”

The decision was “inspired by” Swift, “the year’s most high-profile, record-setting, impossible-to-ignore cultural phenomenon.” In addition to crediting Swift with popularizing the term with her landmark Eras Tour, Dictionary.com said that “the word era [was] recently popularized as a way that people empower themselves to define — and redefine — their own personal eras, including ending old ones, starting new ones, and vibing with whatever era they’re in right now.”

Along with praising Swift (who will end 2023 a billionaire), Dictionary.com cited Beyoncé, Barbie, Michelle Yeoh, the Women’s World Cup-winning Spanish team, Iranian activist Narges Mohammadi and basketball stars Aliyah Boston, Caitlin Clark and Angel Reese for ushering in “a new era” of female excellence.

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“As a new year approaches, we’re all thinking about how to navigate the stage — or simultaneous stages — that we’re currently inhabiting. Or planning the next way we’ll reinvent ourselves,” read the announcement. “The new prominence of the word eras is a reminder that we can define our own eras however we want. What era are you in?”

Earlier this month, TIME named Swift their Person of the Year, shortly after she racked up six more Grammy Award nominations, including Album of the Year (Midnights), Song and Record of the Year (“Anti-Hero”).

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She previously took home 10 trophies at the 2023 Billboard Music Awards, tying Drake for most wins in the show’s history with 39 total. She also topped the box office with her Eras Tour concert film — and has found success in her personal life with her ongoing romance with Travis Kelce.

“Eras,” it should be noted, is not Dictionary.com’s Word of the Year. That goes to “hallucinate,” which saw a 46 percent increase in lookups over the past 12 months.