Filmfare Year-Ender 2023: Top 10 Korean Drama Couples Of The Year

In the captivating world of Korean dramas that continues to enthrall audiences worldwide, 2023 has witnessed the emergence of some unforgettable on-screen couples, whose chemistry and performances have left an indelible mark on viewers’ hearts. This year’s K-drama landscape has been graced by dynamic duos whose on-screen connection transcends the boundaries of the script, bringing stories to life with authenticity and intensity. From sizzling romances to heart-wrenching melodramas, the best Korean drama couples of 2023 have skillfully portrayed a diverse range of relationships, capturing the imaginations of fans and solidifying their status as the year’s most beloved pairs. As viewers have been drawn into their on-screen love stories, these couples have not only illuminated the small screen but have also become a cultural phenomenon, symbolising the essence of love, passion, and the human experience in Korean entertainment.

Here are some of the best K-drama couples of the year:

1. My Demon – Jeong Gu-won and Do Do-hee

My Demon - Jeong Gu-won and Do Do-hee

One of this year’s most captivating and talked-about couples undoubtedly hails from the ongoing Korean drama, My Demon featuring the dynamic pairing of Song Kang as Jeong Gu-won and Kim Yoo-jung as Do Do-hee. Their magnetic on-screen presence and captivating chemistry have propelled them into the spotlight, making them a hot topic not only for their visual allure but also for their enthralling connection.

Do Do-hee, Future Group heiress celebrated for her composed demeanour, challenges her scepticism of love when she engages in a contract marriage with Jeong Gu-won, a captivating demon. As Jeong Gu-won unexpectedly forfeits his powers, their relationship takes a romantic turn, injecting intriguing twists into the unfolding storyline.

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2. Twinkling Watermelon – Ha Yi-chan and Yoon Cheong-ah

Twinkling Watermelon - Ha Yi-chan and Yoon Cheong-ah

Choi Hyun-wook and Shin Eun-soo’s timeless love story in Twinkling Watermelon transported viewers to the nostalgic year of 1995, unfolding a tale of innocence and authenticity. Despite their limited screen time, the unspoken chemistry between them resonated, leaving a lasting impact.

Functioning as each other’s unwavering support system, Ha Yi-chan (Choi Hyun-wook) discovers Yoon Cheong-ah’s (Shin Eun-soo) deafness and takes it upon himself to learn sign language, demonstrating his commitment to understanding her. As Cheong-ah confesses her feelings for him, Yi-chan’s heart quickens, leading him to compose a song in sign language exclusively for her. Additionally, he stands by her side, providing support and addressing the challenges she faces at home.

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3. King The Land – Goo Won and Cheon Sa-rang

King The Land - Goo Won and Cheon Sa-rang

Lee Jun-ho and Im Yoon-ah’s enchanting pairing reached a pinnacle in King The Land with a memorable rain-soaked kiss. Beyond the plot, their deep connection and sweet moments portray a resonant love.

This rom-com K-drama owes its success to the perfect chemistry of Lee Junho and YoonA. Junho, as eccentric CEO Gu Won, falls for his employee, Cheon Sarang (YoonA), forming the beloved GuRang couple. Their on-screen romance, complete with perfect kissing scenes, generated real-life dating rumours, though both actors denied them.

4. Dr Romantic 3 – Seo Woo-jin and Cha Eun-jae

Dr Romantic 3 - Seo Woo-jin and Cha Eun-jae

Returning for its third season in 2023, the hit K-drama Dr. Romantic”once again charmed audiences with the endearing Reset Couple, portrayed by Ahn Hyo Seop and Lee Sung Kyung. Despite facing opposition, the duo’s on-screen chemistry and heartfelt performances showcased their unwavering commitment to making their relationship work.

5. Moving – Kim Doo-sik and Lee Mi-hyun

Moving - Kim Doo-sik and Lee Mi-hyun

Jo In-sung and Han Hyo-joo’s portrayal of Kim Doo-sik and Lee Mi-hyun undeniably earned praise for their exceptional chemistry in the super-hero K-drama, Moving. Beyond the experts’ acclaim for their visual harmony in show promotions, it was their nuanced portrayal of romance within the series that truly captivated viewers. The meticulously crafted lines and evocative emotions in their kiss scenes had fans on the edge of their seats, creating moments of swoon-worthy romance that resonated deeply with the audience.

6. My Dearest – Lee Jang-hyun and Yoo Gil-chae

My Dearest - Lee Jang-hyun and Yoo Gil-chae

From its inception, My Dearest has enraptured the hearts of fans, and the love story between Namgoong Min and Ahn Eun Jin is no exception. Drawing inspiration from Gone With The Wind, the exquisite chemistry between these two stars mirrors the elegance of the era, emphasising meaningful actions and tender gestures. Their romance weaves seamlessly into the narrative, captivating audiences with its beauty and authenticity.

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7. Doona! – Lee Won-jun and Lee Doo-na

Doona! - Lee Won-jun and Lee Doo-na

Unspoken but deeply cherished, our affection for gradual, simmering love stories finds its epitome in the enthralling romance of Bae Suzy and Yang Se Jong in Doona. Suzy gracefully embodies the role of Lee Doona, an exhausted idol whose heart surreptitiously entwines with that of Lee Wonjun (Yang Se-jong), an ordinary college student.

While the drama unfolds at a leisurely pace, there were moments when impatience tempted us to fast-forward to the climax. Yet, as they say, patience is a virtue. Doona! proves this axiom true, rewarding those who endured the unhurried journey with the gratification of witnessing Doona and Wonjun baring their souls in a profound declaration of love.

Suzy and Se Jong’s portrayal of their characters captivated us from the very first episode. Their performances, characterised by intense gazes and unforgettable lines, have etched an indelible mark in our hearts.

8. A Time Called You – Nam Si-heon and Han Jun-hee

A Time Called You - Nam Si-heon and Han Jun-hee

Navigating through time and traversing realms to be with their beloveds, Ahn Hyo-seop and Jeon Yeo-been’s characters, Nam Si-heon and Han Jun-hee, in A Time Called You have experienced it all. While the K-drama may be a tad confusing, the unwavering love between Si-heon and Jun-hee surpasses all complexities. The duo’s on-screen chemistry is nothing short of top-notch, adding an extra layer of enchantment to their time-defying love story.

9. My Lovely Liar – Kim Do-ha and Mok Sol-hee

My Lovely Liar - Kim Do-ha and Mok Sol-hee

Hwang Min-hyun and Kim So-hyun’s depiction of the “DoSol Couple” in My Lovely Liar, a relationship grounded in trust and mutual admiration. Their authentic connection and commendable bond positioned them as the quintessential “green flag” couple.

Within the storyline, So Hyun takes on the role of Mok Sol Hee, a character endowed with the unique ability to discern lies simply by hearing them. Her path crosses with the remarkably honest Kim Do Ha (Min Hyun), and as they become closer, both as neighbours in the same apartment and fellow soccer enthusiasts, their connection deepens.

10. Destined With You – Jang Shin-yu and Lee Hong-jo

Destined With You - Jang Shin-yu and Lee Hong-jo

Rowoon and Jo Bo-ah mesmerised fans with their captivating chemistry in Destined With You. The classic tale of “he falls first and hard” took a delightful twist with the introduction of a love potion. The on-screen magic extended beyond the scripted scenes, evident in the genuine connection seen during interviews. This added layer of authenticity made the progression of their love story on-screen even more intriguing for viewers.

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