17 Burning Questions We Need Answered After That Explosive ‘RHOSLC’ Finale

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City delivered the season finale to end all season finales thanks to Heather Gay’s Poirot-esque unmasking of costar Monica Garcia as an Instagram troll.

During the January 2 episode, Heather discovered that newbie Monica, who joined the show at the start of season 4, was secretly running a RHOSLC gossip account called Reality Von Tease. “I knew that this information would come out,” Monica claimed in a confessional interview. “Even Gossip Girl couldn’t stay Gossip Girl forever.”

While that may be true, Heather and her costars — Meredith Marks, Lisa Barlow, Whitney Rose and Angie Katsanevas — were devastated by the news that an enemy combatant had infiltrated their ranks. “That account annihilated all of us,” Whitney said.

Monica admitted to having some involvement in Reality Von Tease but claimed her activities were strictly related to former RHOSLC star Jen Shah, who is currently in prison after pleading guilty to fraud in July 2022. But if Monica wasn’t the person posting the other shady messages, then who was? It’s a mystery that only Benoit Blanc and Heather could solve.

Keep scrolling for a complete list of unanswered questions Us Weekly has after the season 4 finale:

1. Who Are the Other People Behind Reality Von Tease?

After Monica admitted that she was at least partially involved in running Reality Von Tease, she claimed she wasn’t the only person behind the account. She implicated Heather’s hairdresser, Tenesha Luckett, and at least one other redacted name. Heather said on the show that Tenesha is the person who helped her connect the dots, but Tenesha later denied creating the page or posting on it.

Tenesha’s social media activity, however, has provided plenty of clues about the redacted names. One of her Instagram Stories included screenshots of text messages with Koa Johnson, a fashion designer who formerly worked for Jen. In the 2021 documentary The Housewife & the Shah Shocker, Koa claimed that Jen once threw a chili bowl at his head during an outburst in November 2020. (Video and audio of the alleged incident had previously leaked online via … Reality Von Tease.)

During season 2 of RHOSLC, Jen acknowledged there was tension between her and Koa but denied mistreating him. While Koa stopped working for Jen after that, he didn’t stop working for Housewives — he designed Monica’s season 4 reunion look as well as the red puff-sleeved number she wore in several confessional interviews. After the finale aired, he reposted a meme depicting Monica as Christ with the song “God Is a Woman” by Ariana Grande.

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2. Who Helped Heather Unmask Reality Von Tease?

While recounting her investigation like a Mormon Miss Marple, Heather said that Tenesha sent her screenshots — and then a second redacted person helped her verify that the evidence implicated Monica. Who was that person? A person from Bravo? Her lawyer? The FBI? Put it in Bad Mormon 2!

3. What Were the ‘Drive-Bys’ Monica Said Reality Von Tease Did?

The women casually accused Monica and Reality Von Tease of doing “drive-bys” of their homes. What was the purpose of the “drive-bys” — and how often did they take place?

4. Did Heather Already Know About Monica When She Asked Her to Pay in Bermuda?

During the season 4 finale, Heather “forgot” her credit card on a shopping spree with Monica and Angie. When Monica offered to pay the bill, Heather was quick to accept — prompting some fans to think this was part of the test. But what was the test? To see if Monica’s card would be declined? To find out what name Monica had on her card? Or to simply deduce whether she was a real friend that would pick up the bill?

12 Burning Questions We Need Answered After That Explosive RHOSLC Season 4 Finale
Heather Gay. Brett Colvin/Bravo

If Heather wasn’t performing a test, Us needs to know: Does Apple Pay not work in Bermuda? And are we going to keep ignoring the fact that Monica’s card went from green to silver after it was declined? (Us also wondered whether Heather paid Monica back, but Monica claimed via Instagram Live that she has not received a payment.)

5. How Much of That Final Dinner Did the Ladies Plot Out?

When the six Housewives sat down for dinner, they started playing a game with their Pioneer Day dolls organized by Heather. Based on which costar’s doll they had in front of them, they were supposed to ask a “mystery question.” As a result, Lisa and Whitney got into a tiff about being called “dramatic” — as if either of them could hold a candle to the performance Heather was about to deliver — and Meredith accused Heather of not having her back during the trip. The fights seemed legit, but looking back, were the women staging arguments to catch Monica and/or the audience as off guard as possible? And if so, why didn’t Heather just give herself Monica’s doll to begin with?

6. When Was Angie Filled In?

Angie was notably not present at the pre-dinner beach meeting when Heather told Meredith, Lisa and Whitney about Reality Von Tease, but it wasn’t clear whether anyone told her about the drama that was about to go down in the Bermuda Triangle. Did the OGs fill her in off camera, or was she as shocked as the rest of the world when Heather started delivering her monologue?

RHOSLC s Angie Katsanevas Has Had to Learn That Everyone Is Not Your Friend as a Housewife
Angie Katsanevas. Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

7. Why Didn’t the Mics Pick Up the Sound of the Wind?

As viewers no doubt noticed, it was exceedingly windy in Bermuda on the day of the Last Supper, but somehow, the sound mixing wizards at Bravo managed to eliminate all the ambient wind and ocean noise from the final cut. Anyone who’s ever watched a beachside proposal on The Bachelor knows this is no small feat, so Us bows down in true awe.

8. When Did Producers Find Out About Reality Von Tease?

It’s safe to say casting and production knew about Monica’s relationship with Jen when she scored her snowflake, but did they have any idea that she was Salt Lake’s Gossip Girl? Did they have any inkling that Monica was the one who leaked videos of Jen in the past? And if they didn’t know before the big reveal, which Entertainment Tonight is reporting to be the case, when did Heather start to fill them in on her investigation?

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9. What Did Heather Do Before She Went to the Beach?

There are several hours unaccounted for from Heather getting the call about Reality Von Tease to the big confrontation. While we know she brought her fellow OGs to the beach to fill them in, what did she do immediately after attempting to kick production out of her room?

10. Was Monica’s Mom In on It?

A leaked video showed Monica and her mother going at it about how Monica was behaving during production. “The only thing that you did was unite those four a–holes,” Linda yelled in the clip, implying that Monica came in with the intention to cause a rift among her costars.

12 Burning Questions We Need Answered After That Explosive RHOSLC Season 4 Finale
Monica Garcia. Fred Hayes/Bravo

“You lost sight of the vision,” Linda told Monica, calling her an “actress” on the show. “You lost sight of the job.”

11. Tenesha — Just Tenesha

Heather said that her first tip-off about Monica came from her longtime hairstylist, Tenesha. Monica subsequently claimed that Tenesha was also part of the Reality Von Tease operation, though Tenesha herself didn’t get the chance to respond on camera. After the finale aired, Tenesha posted numerous Instagram Stories about what she did and didn’t do. In one video, she claimed she has more than 1,500 screenshots full of alleged dirt on Monica. (Monica, meanwhile, claimed that Tenesha is the person who leaked the video of her and Linda.)

This isn’t really a question so much as it is a desperate plea for Andy Cohen to give Tenesha her own special. What did she know and when did she know it? Where does she stand with Heather now? (Days after the finale, she was still posting pics of Heather — could she possibly still be doing her hair?!) How did she meet Monica in the first place? What made her confess to Heather? Not since Allison DuBois sucked on that vape at the Dinner Party From Hell has a minor Real Housewives character created such intrigue.

12. Who Really Stole the Clutch?

Arguably the most chilling moment of the finale was the security camera footage that proved Monica, then blonde, had visited Meredith’s store with Jen when the infamous green clutch was stolen. Monica claimed she wasn’t responsible for the theft — and even claimed before the final episode that she had never set foot in the store — and Jen previously denied she had anything to do with it. Back in season 2, Heather claimed that Jen’s former employee Murilo Bueno stole it, but he also denied the allegation. So if none of these people did it, then who did? Sounds like a case for Detective Gay!

13. What’s Happening With Monica and Heather’s Lawsuit?

In August 2023, news broke that Heather’s Beauty Lab + Laser sued Monica for allegedly not paying her bills. Three months later, Monica countersued, claiming that Beauty Lab + Laser “botched” her nose and lip injections. In her filing, she claimed she didn’t owe the med spa anything because she “reached an oral accord” to go to a “competent party to fix the damage to Monica’s nose and lips caused by the incompetent, negligent actions of Beauty Lab’s staff.”

Heather, meanwhile, issued a social media statement denying the allegations in Monica’s countersuit. “Beauty Lab + Laser is a phenomenal business, in the top 1 percent of providers, with over 3,000 positive reviews,” she wrote via Instagram. “Our injectors are nationally ranked and leaders within the industry and our legion of loyal customers speaks for itself. This lawsuit in the press has no merit and is unfortunately a pattern of behavior from a desperate woman who when unable to pay her bills lashes out to avoid accountability.”

During the finale, Heather mentioned Monica’s allegedly unpaid bills — and claimed that Monica had three separate accounts at Beauty Lab. The RHOSLC cast filmed the Bermuda trip in May 2023, meaning that Heather already knew about Reality Von Tease when Beauty Lab sued Monica. The plot is so thick it’s clogging the bathtub Meredith didn’t get.

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14. Will Monica Return for Season 5?

Fans are split on whether Monica should return for season 5 now that she’s torpedoed her relationships with all of her castmates after just one season, but the bigger question is if she even could. Would any of these women agree to film with her after this?

Vanderpump Rules weathered a similarly explosive scandal in 2023 when Tom Sandoval had an affair with Raquel Leviss, and he’s coming back for season 11 — but he’d already been on the show for 10 years by the time Scandoval broke. Raquel, who was only promoted to the main cast in season 9, will pointedly not be back.

15. Who Is Jen Shah’s Prison Informant?

It’s incredible that Monica has so thoroughly shaken the RHOSLC universe that Jen is now an afterthought, but still — how did she know Heather blamed her for the black eye so soon after the finale aired? And how is she posting on Instagram from prison? Perhaps Jen is watching the show weekly, but if that’s the case, then that begs another question: Is her friend Elizabeth Holmes also watching?

12 Burning Questions We Need Answered After That Explosive RHOSLC Season 4 Finale
Jen Shah. Courtesy of Jen Shah/Instagram

16. Why Did Heather Lie About Her Black Eye?

While the assumption is that Heather worried about affecting Jen’s then-upcoming trial, is that the true — and only — reason that Heather played coy about the cause of the black eye for more than a year? And if so, why didn’t she and Jen come up with a better lie than “I can’t remember?”

17. Did Jen Ever Tell Heather About Filing a Cease and Desist Against Monica?

Days after the finale, “The Bravo Docket” podcast shared an alleged cease and desist filed by Jen in 2021. The paperwork — filed against Monica Fowler, which is reportedly a name Monica used to go by — claims Jen was being targeted by accounts called “shahshepherd” and “realityvontease2.” If Jen had suspicions about Monica back in 2021, wouldn’t she have told her BFF Heather?

Part 1 of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season 4 reunion airs on Bravo Tuesday, January 9, at 8 p.m. ET and will be available to stream via Peacock the next day.