BTS Dynamite Spring Day causes major twist in Park Min-young and Na In-woos Marry My Husband

Fans enthusiastically embraced the arrival of episode 6 of the captivating time-travel and romance series, Marry My Husband, on January 16, 2024. One of the many intriguing plot twists it introduced was a particular scene where the main characters had a conversation about BTS songs, which quickly became a viral sensation on social media.

Park Min Young Marry My Husband BTS Spring Day Dynamite


In the climax scene of episode 6, we see Kang Ji-won (Park Min-young) listening to BTS’ No More Dream while Yoo Ji-hyuk (Na In-woo) walks up to her. During their conversation, Ji-won drops her phone and Ji-hyuk sees her listening to BTS’ debut song while conversing with her, he asks her her favourite song to which she replies that it is Dynamite, while Ji-hyuk shares he enjoys Spring Day more.

In the series, the two have time travelled 10 years back in time and don’t know each other. By the end of the episode, they soon realise that Dynamite was released during the pandemic in 2020 while Spring Day in 2017. While BTS debuted in June 2013 and only a few of their songs were released. As the characters try to understand what’s happening, the songs Dynamite and Spring Day hilariously play in the background. In the end, it’s revealed that they’re stuck on July 10, 2013. This leads to a surprising turn in the story for the main characters and sets the stage for them to reveal something important to each other in future episodes.

Park Min Young Marry My Husband BTS Spring Day Dynamite

Marry My Husband is based on a popular web novel. It tells the story of Kang Ji-won (Park Min-young), a terminally ill woman who catches her best friend Jung Soo-min (Song Ha-yoon) having an affair with her husband, Park Min-hwan (Lee Yi-kyung). Shockingly, Ji Won is then killed by her husband. However, a twist of fate sends her back 10 years into the past, giving her a second chance at life. With the help of her boss, Yoo Ji-hyeok (Na In-woo), she seeks revenge.

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