Stripes Are Totally In — This Sweater Will Add Some Sass to Your Style

Cheetah print and zebra stripes might not be back in style (yet), but horizontal stripes sure are! They give you a broadened, dynamic look which solid colors alone don’t provide. An old wives’ tale (or your mother) used to say that vertical stripes are slimming, while horizontal stripes are widening; nowadays, you can find evidence for the opposite. But who really knows?

These bold claims about the optical illusions of stripes neglect the fact that some of Us actually want a wider look. Especially during the winter months, we crave looser garments, a cozier appearance and a more casual aura. One peek into contemporary fashion — or into a department store — will show you: oversized and baggy clothes are totally in! Striped and oversized sweaters, pants, dresses, tops and cardigans are quite literally everywhere.

Get the Dokotoo Crewneck Casual Striped Pullover Sweater for $34 at Amazon! Please note, prices are accurate at the date of publication, January 23, 2024, but are subject to change.

This striped sweater is one of those  “it” sweaters; one which offers the perfect combination of chic, trendy and sassy stripes, all without sacrificing the comfort of an oversized garment. In fact, this just might be the most comfortable sweater you’ll own! The fabric is 100% cotton, yielding an unparalleled softness and lightweight feel. Its crew neck can easily become a drop shoulder, allowing you to change up your aesthetic — and level of casual — whenever you like!

This sweater is the ideal thickness for transitional and cold weather alike, especially given its layering capabilities. For fall, spring and warmer winter days, you can layer it with a vest for extra warmth (and a touch of preppy style!) or simply rock it as-is with jeans and sneakers.

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In the middle of winter, we recommend layering the sweater with a tank top, solid-colored cardigan and a puffer jacket — and no, there’s no such thing as over-layering at this time of year! You never know when you’re going to get too hot or too cold or when the weather is going to shift (especially in the Midwest!).

You can currently snag this sweater in 17 different variations, each with unique stripes and various colors lining the sleeves, neck and bottom. And if you’re anything like Us, you might be tempted to get a few hues!

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But luckily for Us and our bank accounts, you probably don’t need more than one. Each sweater is versatile enough to be the only winter outfit you need, whether for date night, grocery shopping, lounging, going to the office — anything! When you’re going for a slouchy and oversized look, it doesn’t get much better than this cozy striped sweater. Swoon!

Get the Dokotoo Crewneck Casual Striped Pullover Sweater for $34 at Amazon! Please note, prices are accurate at the date of publication, January 23, 2024, but are subject to change.

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