‘Bye’: Pink shares a cryptic message to social media just days before her Australian tour kicks off

Pink has shared a cryptic message on X (previously Twitter) days before her Australian tour kicks off. 

The pop superstar has hinted she intends to delete her account on the social media platform because of trolls

“Have you ever been at a party with a bunch of salty old people that never realized their dreams?” she wrote.

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“Where the liquor ran dry ages ago, there’s no music-no one’s dancing-you would’ve had more fun at home with your blind cat? 

“That’s twitter these days-or whatever it’s called now. Byeeeeeeeeeee.”

It’s also been reported that a few minutes later she made a second post that read, “This account will self-destruct in two minutes. Do it!!!!”

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However, she deleted it two minutes after posting, and her account is still active at the time of reporting. 

Her post has sent fans into a frenzy wondering when and if she will delete her account on the platform. 

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“You got toooooooo thick of skin to let this stuff eat at you Alicia. Remember where you came from,” responded one user, while another simply wrote, “pls don’t leave us.”

The Funhouse singer is no stranger to clapping back at internet trolls, having recently responded to a critic who highlighted the fact she “got old.”

“Yes, although I don’t feel old, and I still get to wear a leotard to work, growing older is actually my first ‘grateful’ every day,” Pink responded via X.

“What a blessing to have life, years. To be this strong, to be able… To still piss off complete strangers just by existing. F–k yeah times 44!”

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But it seems she’s finally had enough, seemingly farewelling her 30.7 million followers on the platform.

At the time of reporting, Pink’s tweet was posted 13 hours and the songstress is still yet to delete her account.