‘Blood started gushing out of my arm’: Dave ‘Hughesy’ Hughes shares gruesome update after major shoulder surgery

Dave ‘Hughesy’ Hughes returned to his 2Day FM radio show on Thursday, just days after having a major operation on his shoulder following a New Year’s Eve accident.

And now, the comedian and radio star, 53, shared some gruesome updates on his recovery, revealing he was recently getting changed at the hospital after the operation when blood started pouring from his arm.

“I didn’t realise I had something sticking out of my arm, and then my blood just started gushing out of my arm, the nurse was outside,” he explained on his show, Hughesy, Ed & Erin.

Watch the video above.

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Dave Hughes

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“It was me trying to get dressed to get out. I did get out though and my wife drove me home and here I am this morning!” he said.

Hughesy added that he had the operation after he “tore his rotator cuff off the bone”.

“I only had one day off after my surgery, I dislocated my shoulder on New Year’s Eve, it was horrendous,” he said.

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Dave 'Hughesy' Hughes surgery

Hughesy said he decided to go into the studio to do the show as he was “uncomfortable” at home. 

“I’m either at home lying in bed uncomfortable or I’m in here uncomfortable, I’d rather be here as it takes my mind off the pain. I’m happy to be here and hang out with you,” he told his colleagues. 

Earlier this week, he shared a video post-surgery on his 2Day FM’s radio show’s Instagram account.

In the video, Hughesy’s arm was in a brace and he was in his hospital bed as he revealed the surgery went well and he’d be back on his show Hughesy Ed & Erin soon.

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Dave 'Hughesy' Hughes surgery

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“Right, we’re out of surgery, surgeon had to go deep as it was a bad tear. But all’s well ends well…” he said.

“Apparently it went really well, that’s great, I’ll be back before you know it.”

“Hughesy has had SUCCESSFUL surgery on his shoulder 🙏🏼,” the post was captioned.

He also called into the radio show and spoke to his co-hosts, saying his surgeon also once operated on Shane Warne and Russell Crowe.

“The surgery was meant to be keyhole, but they said it was a horrendous shoulder thingamajig, they had to open me up,” he said.

Over New Year’s, Hughesy revealed he had a surfing accident and said at the time that he had dislocated his shoulder.

Dave Hughesy Hughes

“Happy NY. Had my least sober NYE in 30+ years. Green whistle came after two hours of worst pain of my life, plus morphine and the rest of them,” he wrote on Instagram.

He added: “Shoulder dislocation whilst surfing. ‘9 out of 10 level nerve damage.’ Shout out to wife, @surfersparadiseslsc, and GC medical professionals for their much-needed help! Will be in a sling for a while, not sure when my next right-handed high five will be.”

Earlier this week, Hughesy said on his radio show that he may have undiagnosed ADHD.

Dave Hughesy Hughes

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)inattention and impulsivity.

Last year, SBS News reported that Hughesy said he became addicted to vaping, years after quitting smoking. 

“Before I knew it, I was hooked on vaping,” he said after being handed a vape at a party.

“Every night I’d say ‘no, I’m not going to do it tomorrow’. And then I was doing breakfast radio, so then I’d find myself at 4.30 in the morning vaping again.”

He added: “The nicotine just gets straight back into you.”

Hughesy did stand-up comedy before his big break in TV. He joined radio in 2001.