This Dermatologist-Developed Treatment Restores Under-Eye Firmness Overnight

If you ever have a poor night’s rest or if you’re simply getting older, you may notice the areas underneath your eyes start to droop, wrinkle and darken. Getting better sleep is possible; reversing the aging process isn’t. While it may seem easiest to follow anti-aging trends, applying loads of “miracle” ingredients to your skin, this is not only draining for the pocketbook — but also (oftentimes) proves to be ineffective.

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One of the best ways to address the aging process, like anything else, is to consult the pros. The experts. These are people who have dedicated a good portion of their lives to understanding your issue at hand. In this case, when your concern is looking and feeling older, your best bet is to talk to a dermatologist.

But we know — that gets expensive. The second best option is taking the advice of a derm without actually going to the derm, or even better yet, using a product designed by a dermatologist. We found an under-eye cream developed by Dr. Gary Goldfaden MD, a dermatologist who has been practicing for over 40 years with a focus on innovative skincare solutions. He believes that natural, botanical ingredients have healing powers that can restore skin’s elasticity, youthful glow and vibrant appearance in the process.

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This under-eye treatment does just that — it reaches for some of nature’s most potent organic ingredients to gently plump, hydrate, firm and strengthen the delicate skin underneath your eyes — all without silicone, mineral oils, animal products, parabens or gluten-derived ingredients.

The formula contains meadowfoam seed oil, a non-greasy oil that smoothes and softens, as well as a peptide complex, sodium hyaluronate and squalene. These ingredients work together to support collagen synthesis, plump and hydrate the skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and repair uneven textures. You’re left with a revitalized look every morning, even if you didn’t sleep well. (You’ll sure look like you did!)

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Plus, it couldn’t be easier to incorporate this nourishing, antioxidant-rich treatment into your preexisting routine. It works while you sleep, deeply hydrating and fortifying the skin barrier before your feet even hit the floor. Simply use the ceramic applicator tip along your under eye to gently smooth the formula into your skin. Do this every night before you hit the hay, and you’re left with a glowing complexion by the time you wake up.

A clinical study conducted by Goldfaden MD found that in just two to four weeks, 97% of participants agreed that their under-eye skin felt smoother while 84% agreed that it improved the overall appearance of their eye area. And it’s not just the study participants that see results — Amazon reviewers love the product, with one stating she is “annoyed” by how much she enjoys this eye cream and another explaining that after just a few uses, she can already see her under-eye area rebound with elasticity.

And if you need another reason to check it out, you can save 10% using the code: GFMD10PER. We’re adding to cart… it’s fate!

Get the Goldfaden MD Eye Defy Radiance Restoring Eye Treatment at Amazon! 

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