WATCH: Madonna falls backwards off a chair while performing concert in Seattle

Iconic singer Madonna took a bit of a tumble on stage in concert in Seattle in Sunday.

The Like A Prayer singer, 65, was singing her hit Open Your Heart and was sitting on a chair and being pulled across the stage by a backup dancer, when the dancer tripped and she fell backwards off the chair.

Taking it in her stride and ever the seasoned performer, Madonna rolled over, kept singing and laughed it off as she got back on her feet.

Watch the video above.

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Videos of the incident were shared on social media.

“She recovered very well,” one person commented on a clip of the incident.

Another wrote: “Omg how many times have they rehearsed this? Poor Madonna❤️”

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Just a month ago, Madonna apologised to the crowd at her second Toronto show after mistakenly thinking she was in Boston.

One concertgoer captured and shared the mishap to TikTok after Madonna greeted the concertgoers at Scotiabank Arena with the wrong city name.

“Are you ready, Boston?” the Hung Up songstress said.

The Grammy-winning artist quickly rectified her mistake, asking the crowd: “Are you guys mad at me ’cause I said ‘Hello, Boston?'”


“I’m sorry. What kind of f—-d up s–t is that?” she added.

Madonna then likened the mix-up to mistaking her for another artist performing.

“That would be life if you guys were saying, ‘hey, Lady Gaga’s playing tonight’.”

The singer then exclaimed that she “wouldn’t like that.” .


“I mean, you know, nothing against Lady Gaga. Love her. I do!” she said before joking that she “loves anyone shorter than me.”

Back in October 2023, the singer had to pause mid-performance due to a technical difficulty in what was her first show in three-months since being hospitalised in June with a serious bacterial infection.

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Later in the same show, the singer credited fans for helping her through her health scare.

”I’m pretty damned surprised that I made it this far and I mean that on so many levels…” she candidly said.

“How did I make it this far? Because of you. I’m going to take a bit of credit too,” she added.