Prepare for an enchanting afternoon dedicated to recognising groundbreaking design at the upcoming hansgrohe presents GoodHomes Awards 2024 in Mumbai on 2nd March 2024. GoodHomes, a steadfast supporter of emerging and seasoned talents in residential design, continues to foster diversity through these awards and is set to bring together luminaries from the design industry to honour nominees and celebrate the winners.

Fibonacci-Inspired Trophies

The pinnacle of this celebration will be the presentation of sleek trophies inspired by the renowned Fibonacci sequence to deserving winners. A jury panel composed of accomplished individuals from various disciplines meticulously select these winners, recognising their outstanding contributions to the design sphere.

GoodHomes Awards 2024

This year, Bennett University, a part of Times of India Group, is the Education Partner for hansgrohe presents GoodHomes Awards 2024. GoodHomes, a proponent of inclusivity, showcases designs by both emerging and established designers, making it a platform that nurtures new talent while offering readers a diverse array of projects. The Awards were conceived to applaud this diversity, aiming to recognise and celebrate the achievements of designers, architects, influencers, curators, stylists, and entrepreneurs making waves in their respective fields.

Inclusive Selection Process

Like each year, projects featured in GoodHomes magazine have been meticulously shortlisted and categorised into comprehensive segments, including interior design, vernacular design, outdoor living spaces, and more. This transparent and auditable grading process ensures fairness and accuracy. The GoodHomes Awards 2024 winner selection is currently in progress, with the jury actively deliberating, and the final outcomes will determine the deserving recipients.

The hansgrohe presents GoodHomes Awards 2024 continues to stand as a guiding light for design excellence and innovation, recognising those who mould the industry’s future. As we steadily approach the much-anticipated design celebration, stay tuned for updates on the upcoming festivities. The excitement is building, promising to deliver memorable moments in the making.