Heather McMahan Begs Taylor Swift to ‘Help a Bitch Out’ With ‘Eras’ Tickets

Comedian Heather McMahan wants to be front and center with her fellow Swifties at The Eras Tour — and she tapped a cute sidekick to help send Taylor Swift a message.

The Love Hard actress, 36, embarked on a TikTok campaign to beg Swift, 34, for tickets to one of her Sydney tour stops. Swift took the stage at Accor Stadium on Friday, February 23, and will perform nightly through Monday, February 26.

In one video, McMahan was joined by an adorable 3-year-old koala, whom she introduced as Cuddles.

“She’s an Australian koala,” McMahan said, adding, “We would love to get tickets to your show this Sunday in Sydney.”

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She and Cuddles then gazed at each other as McMahan continued, “Right, Cuddles? You didn’t get tickets? Me either!”

McMahan quipped that she would “hopefully” see Swift at the show before ending the video with a hilarious warning: “Or Cuddles will haunt you.”

That wasn’t McMahan’s first attempt at shooting her shot for Swift tickets. In another video, she addressed the coincidence of both her and Swift traveling down under to perform.

Heather McMahan Taps Cute Koala to Beg Taylor Swift for Concert Tickets
Heather McMahan. Courtesy of Heather McMahan/TikTok

“For those asking, I am not in Australia to follow around Taylor Swift,” said McMahan, whose Comeback Tour dates lined up with Swift’s latest Eras Tour leg. “She’s actually following me around. Would I rather go to Taylor Swift’s show than perform at my own? Kind of.”

McMahan noted that she still had shows coming up and was “having a blast” after taking the stage in Sydney and Brisbane, but her trip would be that much better if she saw Swift perform.

Heather McMahan Taps Cute Koala to Beg Taylor Swift for Concert Tickets
Heather McMahan, Taylor Swift. Getty Images (2)

“Ninety percent of my fans are going to your show instead of mine,” she teased in a message to Swift. “Could I at least get tickets to the Sydney show? Help a bitch out.”

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s Relationship Timeline

Swift brought her career-spanning live show to Sydney on Friday with her boyfriend Travis Kelce noticeably in attendance. Fans captured clips of the couple, who were first spotted together in September 2023, hugging and kissing after the show ended.

Swift also gave a few nods to the Kansas City Chiefs tight end, 34, while performing. As she closed out the concert with her hit single “Karma,” Swift once again changed the lyrics to “Karma is the guy on the Chiefs coming straight home to me.” (She first made the switch during a November 2023 show in Argentina with Kelce in the crowd.)

A source previously told Us Weekly that Kelce would be “traveling with” Swift as she continues her international tour in the NFL offseason. (Swift was on hand to support Kelce and the Chiefs earlier this month when they won Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas.)

“They are happy and looking forward to spending more time together,” added the insider.