Bachelorette’s Dean Unglert Speculates Why Kaitlyn Bristowe Unfollowed Him

Bachelor Nation s Dean Unglert Doesn t Think Kaitlyn Bristowe Likes Him After Mutual Unfollowing 433
Dean Unglert, Kaitlyn Bristowe. Getty Images (2)

Dean Bell (né Unglert) has theories as to why Kaitlyn Bristowe stopped following him on social media.

“I think after the Golden Bachelor wedding, Kaitlyn unfollowed me on Instagram. So, I don’t think she likes me very much,” Bell, who changed his name after he married Caelynn Miller-Keyes, said on the Monday, March 4, episode of his “Suckers” podcast. “I think she posted something and tagged me or had me tagged, and I clicked on her profile and I just checked and she wasn’t following me. I’m pretty sure [she was before]. So, I unfollowed her out of reciprocity.”

Bell is referring Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist’s wedding, which was attended by more than 50 Bachelor and Bachelorette alums in January. Unglert’s cohost Jared Haibon noted that he recently caught up with Bristowe, 38, who sang Unglert’s praises. “I can’t imagine she doesn’t [like you],” Haibon, 35, said.

Unglert, however, doesn’t think Bristowe’s February compliments tell the full story.

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“That’s nice, but I’m pretty sure that she did and then, I told this story how we were up really late partying and she as with all of us,” he said. “[I] woke up the next morning and I looked and it was gone. But it’s OK. I had her muted anyway, so it’s not like I actually followed her. I followed her for the sake of following her but I didn’t want to see any of the stuff that she was posting.”

Unglert has “so many people” muted via Instagram, as does his wife, Caelynn. (Bristowe, meanwhile, has not publicly addressed why she stopped keeping up with Unglert.)

“I’ve got Nick [Viall] and Natalie [Joy] muted,” Unglert said. “I’m pretty sure I have Ashley [Iaconetti, Jared’s wife] muted. It’s not that I don’t love these people, it’s just sometimes Instagram puts their content before everyone else’s.”

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Unglert continued, “If it’s not travel-focused or photography [inspiration] for me to see … Like, I go on Instagram to be inspired and a lot of people post a lot about their daily life and I don’t really care what you ordered for coffee this morning [or] I don’t really care what you ordered for lunch.”

Unglert also doesn’t follow Caelynn, 28, whom he married in September 2023, but he still keeps up with her content.

“I [see] your Stories more than most people,” he said to his wife, who pointed out that they have “never followed each other” on social media.

Caelynn further stressed that she “never” sees anyone from Bachelor Nation’s content come across her feed in the first place.

“They switch it up constantly,” she claimed of the app developers. “There was a time when they wanted to promote smaller creators or people who weren’t creators, so they would come up first. People who have 100 followers and you’d see their posts first, and then they switched it back. It’s always back and forth.”