‘Should be enough’: Why Michael B. Jordan is still single

Michael B. Jordan may have been named one of People Magazine‘s sexiest men, but even he finds it difficult being single.

The Creed star and producer was last linked with influencer and entrepreneur Lori Harvey, but the pair split in 2022 after a year and a half together.

Jordan was a guest on a recent episode of the On Purpose with Jay Shetty podcast, where he was asked about the best and worst parts of being, well, a very in-demand Michael B. Jordan.

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Michael B. Jordan

“I love multitasking, I love juggling, the balancing act that I do,” Jordan said. “The worst part is the loneliness that comes with that.”

“There’s a loneliness that I have. The responsibility that you have is isolating, and the weight is isolating,” he went on to say. “So I think the worst part of that is the feeling like nobody really understands and sometimes falling into the spaces of just being alone, feeling alone.”

Shetty asked how the person selected as the Sexiest Man Alive in 2020 finds love, Jordan quipped, “I revert back to the last question. It’s very lonely!”

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Michael B. Jordan

“The sacrifice, the compromise that comes with a partnership and a relationship, and understanding how to make that all work, sometimes it gives me anxiety and pause,” he said.

Being a celebrity makes it more challenging.

“And it’s not just, ‘I love you, you love me, that should be enough,’ right? It’s not quite that simple,” he said. “Finding the right person to understand all of me, but then all that comes with me, as well.”

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And even though he says he’s not currently looking for that special someone, the Black Panther star hopes to someday.

“It would take a very special person to understand and grow with me,” Jordan said. “I want a family.”