RHONJ’s Margaret Josephs Reacts to Being Mentioned on ‘Abbott Elementary’

Margaret Josephs Reacts to Sneaky Abbott Elementary Dig About Her Your Favorite TV Show
Margaret Josephs Sara Jaye/Getty Images for 21Seeds Tequila

Margaret Josephs doesn’t mind being roasted by one of the most popular shows on TV.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star, 56, shared a TikTok video on Saturday, March 16, as she and her mother, Marge Sr., watched a scene from Abbott Elementary that made her the butt of a joke.

In the clip, Josephs and her mom, 78, ate popcorn while watching the hit ABC series on the couch. When Melissa (Lisa Ann Walter) and Jacob (Chris Perfetti) mentioned RHONJ on screen, Josephs teased, “I love that,” to which Marge Sr. replied, “Me too.” 

The episode revealed that Melissa and Jacob have a shared passion for the Bravo series. “OK, that’s my show,” she told her fellow teacher.

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“It’s a masterpiece,” Jacob quipped. “And what’s up with Marge? Always changing up her story. Because she is sneaky as hell.”

Margaret Josephs Reacts to Sneaky Abbott Elementary Dig About Her Your Favorite TV Show
CHRIS PERFETTI, LISA ANN WALTER in “Abbott Elementary.” Disney/Gilles Mingasson

As soon as Josephs heard the reference, she turned to her mother and asked, “Sneaky as hell?!”

Marge Sr. thought the comment was fair, telling her daughter, “When you were a little kid, you were sneaky.”

The Abbott Elementary scene cut to Melissa and Jacob watching RHONJ together as they ate popcorn.

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As Jacob poured flavored salt over the bowl, Melissa shouted, “I love sour cream and onion!”

“It’s so salty and playful,” he said, to which they both added, “Like Marge Sr.”

The TikTok clip ended with the mother and daughter duo laughing at the remark.

“I guess me and @MargeSr got schooled 😜😂 ,” Josephs captioned the video. “Honored and thrilled to be a part of last nights episode of @Abbott Elementary. Look Ma we made it 🥰.”

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Fans of both Bravo and Abbott Elementary chimed in with their own takes in the comments section.

“Girl don’t you worry the real ones stand by you and we KNOW you’re not changing a story,” one user wrote.

“I stand by you NO MATTER WHAT ❤🙌🏼 love you both @MargeSr @THE MARGE,” another added.

“Shadyyyy, even the writers know you messy,” a third user wrote.

Josephs has been a main cast member on RHONJ since 2017, and she’s certainly provided plenty of drama throughout her tenure. From the infamous hair pull of season 10 to feuds with her costars, Josephs is no stranger to controversy — but she doesn’t regret even her wildest antics.

In December 2023, Josephs exclusively told Us Weekly that throwing Marty Caffrey into a pool with Joe Benigno during season 9 was “an iconic moment.”

“I don’t want anyone to say, ‘Oh, that was violent.’ That wasn’t violent,” she added. “You know what I mean? That was hijinks.”