Bachelor’s Kelsey Anderson ‘Immediately Regretted’ Getting Lip Filler

Bachelor's Kelsey Anderson 'Immediately' Regretted Getting Lip Filler: 'No More For Me'
Kelsey Anderson Courtesy of Kelsey Anderson/Instagram

It’s a “no” for Kelsey Anderson when it comes to lip filler.

“I did get lip filler a little over a year ago,” the season 28 Bachelor contestant candidly shared via TikTok on Thursday, March 21. “I honestly was so upset at myself after I got it. I never wanted lip filler before and I don’t know why I got it. I’ve always had fuller lips,” she said, showing the camera images of her lips following the injections.

Anderson went on to note she “immediately” regretted getting fillers. “I ended up getting it dissolved, so this is me [with] no filler,” she said, giving the camera a smile. “I never see myself doing [that] again just because I’m happy with the way that I look without anything extra.”

“No more filler for me,” Anderson captioned the post. “But all love to my filler girls, my natural girls and the beautiful concept of preference!” Fans were quick to praise Anderson for opening up in the comments section.

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“Girl you do not need to explain, we loveeee you!!!!!” one follower wrote as another added, Omg this is so real.” More social media users begged her to share her “lip combo” featured on The Bachelor. (She’s known for rocking a bubblegum pink pout.)

Bachelor's Kelsey Anderson 'Immediately' Regretted Getting Lip Filler: 'No More For Me'
Courtesy of Kelsey Anderson/TikTok

Anderson is currently one of Joey Graziadei’s top two women left on the dating show, which premiered in January. (Daisy Kent is still competing for Graziadei’s love, too.)

Earlier this month, Graziadei exclusively opened up to Us Weekly about when he fell in love with Anderson.

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“With Kelsey … you go back to the last time she really started expressing things, almost back to Montreal,” he said, referencing a February episode. “We both agree [that] when she was falling in Montreal, I was falling too. … I never said it to her because I wanted to be intentional with my words.”

The Bachelor finale and After the Final Rose airs on ABC Monday, March 25, at 8 p.m. ET.