Diary of a Wimpy Kid star says casting backlash and death threats ‘ruined’ his career

Diary of a Wimpy Kid star Charlie Wright has opened up about how his role in the children’s film “ruined his career.”

Wright was cast as Rodrick Heffley, the main character’s older brother, in the 2017 remake of the three movie franchise. 

He was cast in the remake of all three original films, however the second and third films were cancelled after the first was released. 

Watch the video above.

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Charlie Wright

In the original movies, the first of which was released in 2010, Rodrick was played by Devon Bostick, who quickly became a heartthrob for many fans. 

Upon the release of the film’s remake in 2017, fans of the original started a ‘not my Rodrick’ campaign, basically bullying Wright for his performance in the role. 

In a recent YouTube video, Wright opened up about the hate he received, sharing that he wasn’t sure if it was because he had replaced Devon Bostick, or if it was because, “people just didn’t like me.”

Charlie Wright

He first auditioned for the role in 2016, having not done much in the acting space apart from appearing in the film Ingrid Goes West alongside Aubrey Plaza. 

Filminng started a month or two after he received the role, and within three months the movie was finished. 

However, the casting was not announced until after it had been filmed.

“Lets just say when the world first found out I was playing Rodrick they weren’t very happy, but by then it was too late, the movie was finished,” said Wright.

He shared that for the remainder of 2017 and even going into 2018 he was “kind of a world wide meme,” adding that alongside the ‘not my Rodrick’ discourse, he was also receiving death threats. 

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Charlie Wright

“I’ll be honest, some of the memes were funny, some of them were good,” he said “Some of them, eh [they] could’ve done better. It was kind of just the same thing, calling me Lil Tay… they called me Johnny Depp’s Willy Wonka… the other one was calling me Asian which yes I am part Asian.”

He continued, “I’m part Japanese but I never really thought my Asian side showed as much until I started basically getting hate crimed or people were being racist toward me.”

He added that it wasn’t really the memes that bothered him but “the random death threats” were a little disturbing.

“The hardest part about dealing with the hate was that I felt I hadn’t really done anything to deserve it, yes granted the movie wasn’t great and maybe some people hated my performance, but I acted my little ass off in that movie,” he said.

“And to have people say they wish I was dead just for doing my job and being in that movie was kind of crazy… I just had to like suck it up and deal with it and figure it out on my own… it took me three years to finally let it go and move one”

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Charlie Wright

He added that he never really enjoyed acting, but rather the performance aspect of it, “I liked making people laugh,” he said. 

Before ending his video, he shared that he no longer holds any hatred toward the people who participated “in the ‘not my Rodrick’ thing, adding that “life moves on.

“I did go through a depressive episode for almost three years afterwards and it kind of ruined my acting career, but I’m still alive. I’m still here.”

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