Golfer Jon Rahm and Kelley Cahill’s Relationship Timeline

Professional golfer Jon Rahm and Kelley Cahill went from friends to college sweethearts to proud parents.

Rahm met Cahill while they were both attending Arizona State University and after starting as friends, they began dating in 2016. Two years later, he proposed.

“For our relationship, we started dating in college. We moved in after six months, and we’ve been living together for two years already,” he revealed during an interview with Golf Channel in August 2018. “I think we acted and both felt like a married couple already. We felt like being official in that sense, so it really hasn’t changed much in that sense.”

Rahm and Cahill got married in December 2019, holding a ceremony in his native Spain two years before expanding their family. Sons Kepa and Eneko arrived in April 2021 and August 2022, respectively. The proud parents confirmed in March 2024 that they were expecting again.

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